We do know that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a music lover and appreciates high-fidelity audio. He's mentioned on a few occasions that the sound system in the Model 3 is outstanding.

It is considered a premium car, so it doesn't come as a huge surprise that the midsize, all-electric sedan has a first-rate audio setup. However, due to the fact that Tesla has been considered a smaller, niche automaker for some time — in addition to the exorbitant cost of batteries and new technology — its cars lack many of the bells and whistles found in traditional luxury cars.

Essentially, Tesla has to pick and choose what features are most important in its vehicles. Apparently, the sound system is a major priority. According to information from Senior Road Tester at CarAdvice.com Paul Marik — who insists he got the details from "a guy (very) in the know at @Tesla," — the Model 3 sound system may as well be a Bang & Olufsen setup.

If you're not familiar with the company, Bang & Olufsen is well-known for its high-fidelity audio systems. In fact, you can get such a system in the Audi R8 for a $12,000 upcharge. However, it seems the standard system in the Model 3 is arguably better.


Maric previously published his review of the Tesla Model 3. In that review, he also spoke to the sound system. He said (via Teslarati):

“This sound system is incredible. It is the best sound system I’ve heard in a car. And that may sound ridiculous to you when you consider that some manufacturers charge you $20,000 for a Bang & Olufsen sound system. This is by far the best sound system on the market. It is incredible, and I challenge you to go check that for yourself. You will be impressed by it.”

It comes with 15 speakers and is said to be better than the audio setups in the flagship Model S and Model X, which have been deemed incredible as well.

Do you own a Model 3? Or, have you at least had an opportunity to listen to the sound system? If so, we'd love to know what you think.

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