Small children regularly deny they have eaten all the chocolate with hands and mouth covered with a brown melted substance. Candidly. And they get surprised you know the truth. Tesla is no kid, but denying it has canceled an order when the other party has documents to prove otherwise is like denying a chocolate banquet smeared with it. This is what happened with Nextmove.

The electric car company tried to buy 100 Model 3 units but was worried about the problems their first 15 cars presented. They were not just paint job issues, such as the ones that torment Joni Savolainen in Finland and Roger-Pierre Gravel in Canada.

They range from faulty wiring to scratches on the dashboard. From defective tail lights to defective turn signals. From faulty wheels to condensation in the headlights. All things that could not have happened just at delivery. The cars obviously came with all these problems since the production line.

Stefan Moeller, the owner of the company, explains all the problems personally in this video. And he presents all the emails he has exchanged with Tesla in order to get matters solved. For a simple reason: Nextmove exists to rent electric cars. Tesla's cars are the ones customers demand. So Nextmove has to buy these cars. It is its core business. Why would it cancel anything?

nextmove Tesla Model 3 order (Source: nextmove)

Tesla is in a perfect position to cancel orders. If it does not sell to Nextmove, it can sell to any other customer. Demand is high, so why the hassle? They will just push these cars to other clients. Who will be able to ask for a refund after seven days or to wait months in order to have their cars repaired. Nextmove does not have that possibility.

As a fleet company, it cannot ask for a refund. It has the leasing company involved with its business. The clients that will use the cars in short or long terms. So it has to establish a standard for cars not to present so many problems.

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The solution it found was to inspect the cars before the delivery process was carried out. If not all of them, at least 6 each time. Tesla agreed with that.

The inspection required that the cars were cleaned up – for a proper paint check. Nextmove would verify if optical elements and if the cars drove and charged correctly. Tesla also agreed with that.

Tesla only did not agree to receive the money two weeks after delivering the cars. Nextmove would pay for them on the inspection day. It even agreed to take cars that had minor issues. At first, it wanted to at least appoint a day to have them fixed at Tesla Service Centers, but Tesla said it was not possible to implement.

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When this process was settled, Tesla decided not to go forward with it and canceled a 35 Model 3 order by email. It can be seen at around 5 minutes on the video above.

Despite reporting unbelievable problems – such as a Model X client that is waiting 7 weeks for a repair in the driver's door, entering all this time by the passenger side – Moeller still loves the way Tesla cars drive and behave. He just wants to offer his clients a car that can be properly used.

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Our theory on this is that the cars that have arrived in Europe recently were the ones produced during “production hell”. Tyson Park mentions the condition these cars had in his video talking about being an ex-Tesla employee. Ship transportation made European clients get them just now.

Instead of producing fewer cars and ensuring they all followed the company's quality standards, Tesla must have decided that delivery was a priority. Now, the company does not have the right structure to get these cars fixed in a reasonable and timely manner.

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This is just what Nextmove, Joni Savolainen and Roger-Pierre Gravel want to see addressed. They all still love the r cars, but not the experience they are having with them. Tesla just had to recognize that, get things fixed and overcome the issues instead of throwing a tantrum in denying what is obviously its responsibility. Nobody will give it any credit. Especially with documents that prove it wrong.

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