What was that? I couldn't hear you.

Wind noise. Air leakage. Interior too loud. Common complaints tied to the Tesla Model 3, but after watching this DIY video, all these issues can be solved.

Most EVs are quiet. In fact, if you've never driven an electric car before, it's almost eerie when you start it up. There is really no sound whatsoever.

However, there's one issue with the fact that the car itself doesn't generate any sound. It's kind of like sleeping in a silent room with no fan on, nothing to create ambient noise, and nothing else to drown out the "other" sounds.

For the Model 3, the main issue seems to be inadequate door seals. These inferior seals let all sorts of noise in, but there are aftermarket solutions to fix this sound problem and the cost is very cheap. Some labor is involved, but this DIY video walks you through the process, so give it a watch and you'll be one step close to a much quieter Model 3.

Video description via Tesla Model 3 Man on YouTube: 

I'm sold!

I had been putting off the installation of a set of GoLoHo Model 3 door seals that I had been sent because it seemed like so much work. And now... I'm completely sold!

The car is quieter on the road, the doors close with a much more solid "Thunk!", and I will soon see whether there is a reduction in the amount of dirt and water that get into the door well - something that has always annoyed me.

Anyway, at a cost of $32.99 the only issue is whether or not you feel capable of installing them yourself.

Watch this video and you WILL be able to do it yourself. If an old dude like me could, so can you!

Here's a link to the Amazon site where you can get a set if you decide the benefits are worth that small cost: https://amzn.to/2O8ib8U

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