So you are now a proud owner of a Tesla Model 3. Without the paint problems faced by Joni Savolainen and others. Would you put it through a 4,000-mile road trip with no worries? Jason Fenske has done so on a 2,000-mile road trip, but Mike Krueger, from the Frugal Tesla Guy YouTube channel, reassures this is possible. And not only that. It is also way cheaper than with an ICE car.

When Fenske made some calculations regarding his road trip, he discovered that all the energy he used to run 2,000-mile was equivalent to that contained in a tank of gas.

With a road trip that was double the one Fenske did, Krueger would have spent two tanks of gas in terms of energy.

In terms of money, the Supercharger stops he had to do were… for free. Because of the referral program. But, in case he had to pay for all the 14 Supercharger stops, he would have spent more than the equivalent amount of money required for two fuel tanks.

How Much Does A 4,000 Mi Road Trip Costs On Supercharger Stops?

That leads us to the conclusion that energy sourced from a Supercharger is more expensive than the one contained in gallons of gas, but the energy efficiency EVs present makes that disadvantage not very evident. 

Anyway, this is not something Krueger addresses. He is more concerned about the total costs of the road trip. And he makes more calculations that show how much any driver would spend by driving combustion-engined cars in the same route.

How Much Does A 4,000 Mi Road Trip Costs On Supercharger Stops?

The only advantage the owner of a conventional vehicle would have is fewer stops for refueling. Krueger calculates around 5 to be necessary, but that depends heavily on the fuel efficiency of each of these cars. 

In the US, you can have ICE cars that range from 58 MPG, such as the Hyundai Ionic Blue, to 11 MPG, from a Bugatti Chiron or a Lamborghini Aventador. In a more mundane note, a Dodge Charger Hemi will offer you 18 MPG, according to EPA.

How much difference is there between what the Model 3 spends and what you would need to disburse with an ICE car? You’ll have to watch the video to discover. We assure you it is worth the time.

Gallery: How Much Does A 4,000 Mi Road Trip Costs On Supercharger Stops?

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