Elon Musk, was recently asked about the progress ofTesla Advanced Summon and answered that "It finally almost doesn't suck".

The feature is currently tested by beta testers, but as we saw in many videos, it does not operate at a high enough speed and has some quirky maneuvering, so the usefulness is negligible in most cases, especially when there is traffic in the parking lot.


One of the latest demonstration videos, provided by ALL Electric, presents the fourth iteration of the Tesla Advanced Summon. It seems the system is improving, but only a tiny bit each time.

According to the video, the next update is expected to be able to read the parking lines.

Video Description via ALL Electric on YouTube:

Tesla Enhanced Summon | Latest Update is Awesome!! | V.4

I know lots of you have been waiting... and waiting for another enhanced summon video. The wait is over! Here is an enhanced summon video. I think this new V4 of enhanced summon is the best yet!

Like I said in the video, when software version 10 is released they will start adding things like reading the parking lines. Currently enhanced summon that beta testers have is just confirming that the vision system is good enough not to hit a curb or run into something or someone.

To be clear, this is not my car.
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