Range anxiety already seems like pretty old fashioned stuff. However, this does not mean that there aren’t old fashioned people out there. The number of people that still are not familiar with EVs and charging infrastructure is considerable. This is why this video — produced by Jason Fenske, of the Engineering Explained YouTube channel — is such a treasure.

With his didactic ways, Jason explains all aspects of his Tesla Model 3 road trip from Idaho to Michigan very thoroughly. This is a nearly 2,000-mile route, which took the YouTuber three days to complete.

Our favorite part of the video is the one in which Jason shows how energy efficient a  Tesla, or really any electric, can be. Could you imagine going 2,000 miles with one tank of gas? Well, we do not want to ruin your satisfaction in finding out this and other entertaining and enlightening aspects of Jason’s journey. Enjoy the video and share your thoughts with us below.

Video Description via Engineering Explained on YouTube:

I drove my Tesla Model 3 from Idaho to Michigan, about 2,000 miles, to find out what it's like to road trip in an electric car. The Tesla Model 3 Performance has an estimated 310 miles of range, so I packed it up with a friend and drove across the country. This video will cover many of the questions surrounding electric car road trips.

Questions include: What kind of realistic range will you get on a single charge? How far can you travel in one day? How much time does it take to recharge an electric car? How much longer is an electric road trip versus a gasoline road trip? How much does an electric road trip cost? How do you know where to charge your electric car? What does Tesla do well for road trips? What about driving a Tesla sucks on a road trip? How useful is Tesla's supercharger network, and how does it work? How can you handle range anxiety during an electric drive? How comfortable is a Tesla over a long distance? 

Overall, the video serves as an in depth look at everything related to driving an electric car significantly further than the vehicle's range on a single charge. Enjoy!

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