Several months ago, the Tesla Model 3 received an update that increased its top speed. The Model 3 Performance got a top speed bump from 155 mph (250 km/h) to 162 mph (261 km/h). The car was always capable of such speeds, though Tesla initially played it safe by electronically limiting it until enough testing was in the books. CEO Elon Musk explained during a press call (via Teslarati):

“We’d electronically limited the Model 3 Performance to 155 mph. That was not a physical limit but an electronic limit. After a lot of testing, we now feel we can increase that limit by 10 km/h or 7 mph, and that just ends up being an rpm increase in the motors. The two motors just spin faster. I think they’re going somewhere along the lines of 19,000 rpm.”

Well-known Tesla owner and influencer Trevor Page, along with XAutoWorld's Ian Pavelko had a unique opportunity to put the Model 3 Performance to the test. To be clear, the car is actually Pavelko's personal vehicle. They were visiting Transport Canada's testing track and facility at the time. 

According to the video and recent reports, the Model 3 Performance pulled off a top speed of 161.5 mph (260 km/h). This is a touch shy of the car's official top speed. Page said the car was only at a 52 percent state of charge.

Check out the video above, as well as a different video below. Then, let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


Video Description via Tesla Owners Online on YouTube:

Performance Model 3 top speed at Transport Canada test track

Ian Pavelko and I take his Performance Model 3 onto the Transport Canada test track in Montreal and flat out run it at the highest speed possible. Enjoy!

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