Volkswagen I.D. R's EV record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife set on June 3, 2019, turns out to be the most efficient lap at the famous track, according to the German manufacturer.

Total energy consumption by the car was 24.7 kWh, which is just a quarter of conventional sports car, which are slower than the I.D. R.

Compared with the length of the track of 20.8 km, I.D. R needed 1,188 Wh/km (1,911 Wh/mile)!

Assuming that I.D. R would be driven like that for one hour, it would need close to 250 kWh of battery.

I.D. R stats:

  • 6:05.336 minutes
  • energy used: 24.7 kWh
  • energy consumption of 1,188 Wh/km (1,911 Wh/mile) over 20.8 km
  • at an average speed of 204.96 km/h (127.38 mph)
  • top speed of 273 km/ (170 mph)
  • lowest speed recorded of 83 km/h (51.6 mph)
  • centrifugal forces of up to 3.49 g

Interesting is that I.D. R notes higher cornering speeds and the shorter braking distances than ICE counterparts, which translates to higher forces:

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