In a video, from January, Jack Rickard disassembled a Tesla Model 3 battery pack and said the 2170 cells it is made of had a 247 Wh/kg power density. When TeraWatt Technology announced on August 21 it had achieved 432 Wh/kg with its solid-state battery, we got a technology with 75 percent more power density than the one offered by what is considered as one of the most advanced EVs on the market. Any doubt this is big news? But, as John Constantine would say, there is always a catch.

What is not that nice is that the Tera3.0 – as it is called – will be available for early adopters just in 2021 and for a wider clientele only in 2022. A three-year wait for the first product of the company that will be especially long if it manages to make this power density grow.

TeraWatt’s goal is to make a solid-state battery that reaches 450 Wh/kg and 1.3 kWh/l. Probably by the time these batteries are put for sale. 

Another issue with this news is that the Tera3.0 battery did not have EV applications in mind. According to the company’s website, it will be applied to consumer electronics and other smaller mobility applications.

At least you’ll benefit from a cell phone that will last much more than your current one. Or that is much lighter. And of vacuum cleaners that will work much longer with batteries of the same size, but which will be able to hold much more power.

TeraWatt’s battery for cars is called Tera4.0 battery. And it promises to deliver 500 Wh/kg or 1.45 kW/l when it is offered to carmakers. When will that be? 

There is no mention of that on the press release nor on the company’s website. In other words, we have no clue. Probably not even TeraWatt does, but it knows it has to be fast. There are other technologies being developed and some even claim to offer 1 kWh/kg. The early bird catches the worm, guys...

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TeraWatt's Breakthrough Solid-State Battery Technology Improves Energy Density and Safety for Smartphones, Drones and Electric Vehicles

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 21, 2019 ( - TeraWatt Technology announced that its 4.5Ah prototype solid-state battery design achieved a record-breaking energy density of 432Wh/kg (1122Wh/L) in validation tests conducted by third parties, including TOYO System based in Japan.

This breakthrough lays the foundation for designing next-generation smartphones, drones, electric vehicles and other devices that offer nearly twice the battery life compared to current lithium-ion based devices.

Branded as TERA3.0, this 4.5Ah next-generation design will be available for select early adopters in 2021 and full release in 2022. TeraWatt Technology continues to further iterate the TERA3.0 line of design, as well as further develop additional designs including different cell formats, sizes and energy capacities.

TeraWatt Technology was established in 2017 as a division of SF Motors Inc. (d.b.a. SERES), a global transportation technology company with headquarters in Santa Clara, California, and is led by industry leaders Dr. Yifan Tang, Dr. Ken Ogata and Dr. Chengyu Mao. The 4.5Ah prototype was first unveiled by Dr. Yifan Tang, Chief Technology Officer of SERES, at FISITA PLUS 2019, a mobility conference in London, U.K.

"TERA3.0 is a significant step beyond the traditional lithium-ion solutions that have dominated for the past 30 years. Through our solid-state technologies, consumers will be enjoying longer-lasting, safer and more reliable devices sooner," said Dr. Ken Ogata, Senior Manager, Battery Technology of SERES. "Since TERA3.0 is designed for mass production using current lithium-ion production equipment, we can accelerate mass adoption without imposing a massive financial burden to manufacturers and consumers."

Operating from twin R&D centers in Santa Clara, California, and Tokyo, Japan, TeraWatt's team has already filed more than 80 patents. The team has also opened itself to strategic partnerships and external investment to firms interested in accelerating mass production of next-generation battery technologies.

About TeraWatt Technology

TeraWatt Technology is a division of SF Motors Inc. (d.b.a. SERES) engaging in advanced battery technology R&D. SERES is a global transportation technology company developing and manufacturing intelligent electric vehicles to create safer, cleaner, more sustainable communities. SERES technologies are focused on delivering improved safety, convenience and performance to a global market. SERES owns and operates manufacturing, assembly and research and development facilities across the U.S., China and Japan. For more information, visit

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