The driver of this coal-rolling diesel Ram spots a Tesla and then goes crazy in an attempt to roll coal on the car no matter how dangerous it might be.

This is not the first time we've witnessed a coal-roller specifically target a Tesla and it surely won't be the last.

However, this may be the most dangerous example of coal-rolling we've ever seen. Not only does the Ram driver pilot his truck erratically by cutting in and out of traffic and possibly speeding, but also the truck spews such thick smoke that drivers (not only the one in the Tesla) are momentarily blinded from seeing the road ahead.

Coal-rolling is both highly dangerous and illegal, yet it still happens constantly. Let's hope that these Teslas (equipped with built-in dashcams) help to catch the offenders and put an end to this pointless act.

Video description via Jonathon Dion on YouTube:

Was driving normally until he saw my car. He got upset and smoke me, losing all sight... that's a dangerous behavior!


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