Tesla fan, owner, and popular YouTuber Bjørn Nyland has owned his Tesla Model X — affectionately named Optimus Prime — for three years. He clearly loves the car, but it's certainly not free of issues. In fact, Nyland has shared plenty of problems over the course of his ownership thus far.

This particular issue deals with the Model X Falcon Wing doors. When the Tesla crossover first arrived for sale, there were plenty of problems with the futuristic doors and their mechanisms. However, once those were resolved, there hasn't been nearly as much chatter about the wings. Nonetheless, Nyland says he's been having a recurring issue with the doors for years.

Not unlike some of today's minivan sliding doors, the automatic closing feature is finicky. It seems to open the doors just fine, however, sometimes when the doors are closing it detects something and won't close them all the way. You'd assume this is associated with the safety sensors (much like that of a garage door). It's better for the doors to remain open when detecting something, rather than potentially hurt someone.

However, if this happens time and time again and the service center can't pinpoint or solve the issue, it becomes irritating. Nyland is about to sell the Model X, but he needs to take care of the many issues first. Interestingly, his friend is able to track down the problem. Hopefully, Tesla can fix it.

Check out the video for more details. Then, we'd like to know if you own a Model X and have experienced Falcon Wing door issues? Let us know in the comment section.

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Tesla Model X falcon wing issue found

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