There's no better way to show the differences between two vehicles or two trim levels than a video side-by-side comparison. Our friend Sean Mitchell was fortunate to get his hands on two different Tesla Model X crossovers to fill us in on some important details.

As most of you may already know, Tesla recently "refreshed" its Model S and Model X vehicles. The updated electric cars are codenamed 'Raven.' It's important to note that this is not an official vehicle name or trim level. If you order any brand-new Model X or Model S, you're going to get the refreshed version.

Mitchell takes a look at a new Model X Performance (formerly named P100D) in comparison to a pre-refresh Model X 75D. As we've already reported on numerous occasions, the most obvious changes are in regard to the vehicles' powertrain and suspension systems. Horsepower, range, and efficiency are all improved. However, there are many other minor changes to the Model X crossover's cabin and touch screen settings.

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Video Description via Sean Mitchell ( on YouTube:

Model X Raven: What's different?

Brushed metal trim is now matte black.

Cabin noise appears to sound significantly better with far less vibrations.

New Performance Raven is 6% more efficient than the 75D even though it weighs ~300 pounds more and has over than 250 more horsepower.

Suspension design appears to be noticeably different.

Suspension now changes automatically, whereas before you had to either manually adjust it or set the speed it would lower to. It was difficult for me to tell but I asked Eli Burton from My Tesla Adventure and he said it appears to adapt both by speed and type of road you’re driving on.

According to the Suspension screen, has three settings Always, Never, and Standard. Always will keep right height at low, Never will keep ride height at Standard, and Standard will allow suspension to pivot between Standard and Low to “balance ride comfort and energy usage.”

When testing the efficiency, the Performance Raven was ~6% more efficient over a 14 mile sample despite being heavier.

Special thanks to Aaron for donating his time and car for this video.

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