There's nothing worse than a stinky car. But what's the cause of that foul odor within?

For the Tesla Model 3, more often than not, the odor is linked to the HVAC system. Sometimes, it's stinky cabin filters, while other times it's a leak in the A/C system or a plugged drain.

This odor isn't unique to the Model 3 or to Teslas. A lot depends on the humidity where you reside too.

This video is rather swell in that it explores the potential causes for these odors. From the cabin filter to the air intake and even onto condensation from A/C lines. In the end though, no apparent cause of the funky smell is found, so a different solution is applied. Does it work? It seems to, but how long will it last?

Watch the video to find out more about this fogger product for your entire car. It's new to us, but have you seen it before?

Video description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

Smelly Tesla Model 3 - Does your car smell?

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