December 2013 News Archive

Massachusetts Home to Over 2,000 Plug-In Vehicles - Goal is 307,000 by 2025

Video: Estonia Gets First Tesla Model S Shipments

Video: Nissan LEAF - Seeing is Believing

Video: Tesla Model S P85 Performs "Silent" Burnout

Video: Risk Is The Currency of Innovation: Chip Yates at TEDx Bermuda 2013

Ecotive Presents UK-Built Range-Extended Electric Metrocab to London Mayor (w/video)

Video: Boulder Electric Becomes World's 1st Electric Truck to Summit Pikes Peak

Tesla Model S Software Update 5.8.4 Reduces Charging Current by 25% If Input Power Fluctuations Are Detected

Chevy Spark EV a Casualty of Chevrolet Closure In Europe

Plug-Sales Spotlight On Italy: The One Where The Renault Twizy Rules

Paul Scott Talks About How Far EVs Have Come As He Accepts 2013 GEELA Award For Nissan of Downtown LA (video)

Final Round of 2013 Japan EV-GP Series (w/video)

Tesla Opens New Showroom And Service Department In Highland Park, Illinois

"Range Anxiety" in 2nd Place on Norway's "Words of the Year" List

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Available at All Porsche Dealerships Nationwide

UPDATE: Tesla Spokesperson: Model S "Absolutely Was Not" the Cause of a Garage Fire in California

Book Review: "Tesla Model S Best Car Ever!" is the Book All Model S Owners Should Own

Volkswagen to Go All In on Electric Vehicles to Establish Where Global Demand Lies

Audi R8 E-tron Rumored to be Production-Bound - Range Expected to Be 250 Miles

Tax Exemptions in Norway Cut Tesla Model S Price in Half

Of Course It's Okay to Swap Your EV For ICE When Necessary

2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Sales Started In November

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