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July 2019 News Archive

Immersion Cooled Battery Pack Concept For EVs To Be Put To The Test

Glass-Breaking Butt Is Filmed In Action By Tesla Sentry Mode

MG Experiences Unprecedented Demand For ZS EV: 1,000 Already Ordered

Instead Of Raising Gas Taxes, Maybe This Is A Better Solution

Tesla Will Pay Shanghai $323 Million In Taxes Due To Gigafactory 3

BYD & ADL Celebrate Over 100 Electric Double Deck Bus Sales In UK

What Do Playmobil And Porsche Mission E Have In Common? A Movie

LEVC Produced 2,500 TX Plug-In Electric Black Cabs

Tesla Model 3 Sets New Cannonball Run Record For EVs

Fresco Reverie Electric Sedan Is Norway’s Answer To EV Invasion

Fastned Tripled Energy Sales During First Half Of 2019

Embracing EV Infrastructure Has A Positive Impact On Climate Change

Ecotuned Electric Ford F-150 Is A Tired Truck With New Life As An EV

Lithium Production Is Currently Above Demand

eDumper Fact Check Reveals Its Battery Pack Weighs 8 Tons

Rivian Is The Reason Ford's F-150 All-Electric Demo Makes Sense

Hyundai Gets Involved In Kona Electric Explosion Investigation

Tesla Megapack Puts Powerpack In Large Packages

Tesla Pickup Truck Wildly Rendered By Star Wars Artist

Atlis XT Electric Pickup Truck Exposed In New Video

Video Tweet Shows How Tesla’s Master Plan Was Mission Accomplished

Motor Swap? Check Out This Audi S5 With A Tesla Model S Soul

Chesil E Speedster Is Your Next Electric Porsche 356 Electric Kit Car

Sumitomo Rubber Wants To Develop Electricity-Generating Tires

GKN Automotive Supplies Millionth eDrive System

Consumer Reports Says People Want EVs, Automakers Disagree

Electric Pickup Trucks: Tesla, Ford, Rivian R1T Tank Turn Top Weekly News

Why Is Ari Vatanen Involved With This Retro Electric Quadricycle?

Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck In Detail, Ford F-150 Beater? Video

Tesla Pickup Truck Reveal Just Months Away: Magic In The Making

In June 2019 BEV Sales Doubled In Europe: Tesla Surges 250%

Hyundai Kona Electric Explodes, Blows Hole In Garage: Cause Unknown

Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster Reaches Colonized And Littered Mars

Dealer Claims Jaguar I-Pace Can Charge At Tesla Superchargers

Global Electromobility Share Charted – First Half Of 2019

Mercedes EQS Spied As Sleek S-Class Of Electric Cars

UPDATE: Watch Rivian R1T Pickup Truck Perform Tank-Like Zero-Radius Turn

Don't Blame Tesla Autopilot: Not Engaged In Deadly Trampling

Let's Look At New Images Of Honda e Digital Dashboard

BMW U.S. Plant In Spartanburg Doubles Battery Production Capacity

Polestar 2 Walkaround In London At World Tour: Video

Tesla Wants to Produce 1 TWh Of Battery Cells Per Year

Factory Five 818C Becomes Quarter-Mile Monster With Tesla Powertrain

Auto Industry Experts Call Tesla "Clearly Superior" & Years Ahead

After Tesla, Which Electric Cars Generate The Most Buzz In The U.S.?

Tesla Driver “Borrows” Electricity From House Without Warning Owner

Tesla To Produce More Than 100,000 Cars Per Quarter From Now On

Bergmeister ADR 630 Shooting Grand Plugs Austro Daimler Back To Life

7 Key Takeaways From Tesla's Q2 2019 Earnings Call

Tesla Model 3 Did Not Outsell All Its ICE Equivalents Combined

Tesla Shows Gigafactory 3 With First Set Of Machinery Installed

Electrify America Opens First High-Speed DC Fast Charger In New Jersey

Extensive Testing: Do Tesla V3 Superchargers Live Up To Claims?

Tesla Q2 2019 Earnings Report: Over $6.3 Billion In Revenue

Tesla A Part Of Huge Consortium For Nickel And Cobalt In Indonesia

Tata Motors Delivered 40 EV Buses In India. More Orders Coming

BMW iX5/iNext Shows Production SUV Body For The First Time

Tesla Model 3 Repeatedly Hits Construction Cones: Blames Autopilot

Nissan Solves LEAF Rapidgate In US, But Only If You Complain About It

Timeless Tesla Model S Is A Modern Classic: It Doesn't Need To Change

At 87, Don “Big Daddy” Garlits Breaks EV Dragster Record: Video

Six VW Electric Models To Be Produced In Zwickau: 330,000 Annually

Tesla Goes Patent Crazy With Huge Casting Machine For Model Y

Corroding Bonding Plates In Nissan LEAF Trigger Service Campaign

Solaris Wins Biggest Electric Bus Contract In Europe For 130 Vehicles

Tesla Model S/X/3 Comparison (Range, Price, Acceleration) July 2019

Ford F-150 Electric Pickup Truck Tows 1 Million Pounds: Video

New Tesla Model Y Wiring System Is Revolutionary

Magnax Yokeless Axial Flux Motor Promises 98 Percent Efficiency

Tesla Doesn't Advertise: No Worries, Audi Is Willing To Help Out

Tesla Supercharger Map Update With Upcoming Stations

Electric Pickup Trucks Will Soon Be A Solid Reality

Nobe 100 Reveals All Its Remaining Secrets, Such As Specs

Meet The World's Largest EV: The Elektro Dumper

Rude Unplugger Caught On Video Disconnecting A Tesla from Charger

Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Now In Partial Production

Electric Pickup Trucks & SUVs: Tesla, Cadillac Top This Week's News

Electric Vehicles Can Save Billions In Health Care Costs

SEAT Mii Electric - Everything We Know

Cadillac Escalade EV SUV Is Coming With 400 Miles Of Range

Some States Are Spending VW "Dieselgate" Money On More Diesel

Xpeng Announces G3 EV 2020 Edition With More Range

AstraZeneca Is Willing To Electrify 16,000-Strong Fleet By 2030

NEVS 9-3 EV Enters Production In China

Tesla Model S Shanghai Fire, Range, And Charge Issues Seem Connected

ZF Introduces 2-Speed Drive For EVs To Boost Electric Range

EVs Define Oliver Zipse As BMW’s New CEO: Catch Up With Tesla Or Else

Nobe 100 EV Is Literally Climbing The Walls For Support

Pickup Truck Driver Gets Charged For Harassing Tesla Model 3 Driver

Volvo Trucks To Use Samsung SDI Batteries & Pack Tech

Breakthrough Widens Working Temperature Range Of Li-Ion Batteries

Nissan Finally Sells The LEAF In Brazil: For US $52,400

What Is Tesla's Unmistakable And Undeniable Edge?

2020 Chevy Bolt Getting A Few Updates And One Shocking Deletion

New C8 Chevy Corvette Not Nearly As Quick As Tesla Model S

Taxes May Help You Drive A Tesla Model 3 For Free, But Not For Long

Update From Tesla: No Tesla Model 3 Performance For Under $50K

Volkswagen Compares Buying EVs To Traveling To The Moon

MG Electric Car Batteries: How Are They Built? (Video)

Rivian R1T Is Listed As One Of The 10 Don't-Miss Pickups For 2020

In May 2019, xEV Battery Deployment Increased By 47%

Tesla Q2 Vehicle Safety Report Provides Updated Autopilot & Fire Data

Toyota Aims To Put A Mirai Brother On The Moon In 2029

Elon Musk Presents Neuralink, A Revolutionary Brain Implant

Tesla Sentry Mode Cameras Don't Just Capture Bad Guys

Tesla Pickup Truck Reliability Might Be A Major Concern

MG ZS EV With 163 Miles Of WLTP Range Starts In UK From £21,495*

San Francisco Decides To Have Emission-Free Transportation By 2040

Israeli EV Startup REE Claims To Have Reinvented The Wheel

Porsche Taycan Specs Hinted At Ahead Of Reveal

Tesla's Demand Problem Explored: Facts, Not Agendas

In Interview, Musk Says Other Automakers Didn't Take EVs Seriously Extends Its Global Footprint With The Launch Of An Edition For The U.S. Hispanic Audience

Audi E-Tron Epic Cross-Canada Adventure For A Worthy Cause

Renault Takes 50% Stake In EV Joint Venture With Jiangling Motors

Hitting A Pothole Can Cost $2,600 To Repair For A Tesla Model 3

Rivian R1T Pickup Truck Will Carry Full Camp Kitchen Off-Road

Are The Tesla Pickup & Semi Truck Waiting For Maxwell Batteries?

This Condo Took Advantage Of Incentives And Installed EV Chargers

SVOLT Energy Technology Announces NCMA and NMx Cells, New Plants

Honda e Not U.S. Bound, But New Modular EV Platform Coming (By 2025)

Is The Tesla Model 3 Already Able To Use A CHAdeMO Charger?

16% Of Global EV Battery Capacity In May Went To Tesla Model 3

Lotus Presents The Evija, The World’s Most Powerful Car (And EV)

Tesla Makes Several Changes To Pricing, Features, & Model Offerings

Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Car Spotted in New Zealand

Reviewer's Tesla Model 3 Repair Situation Is Finally Solved

Rapid Charging Points Should Offer Credit Card Payment By 2020 In UK

Research Says Range Anxiety Impacts ICE Owners More Than Tesla Drivers

Electrify America Wants To Have An EV Charger Emoji

BMW i3 Will Probably Have No Direct Successor

Can Aero Wheels, New Suspension Improve Tesla Model 3 Range By 10%?

Nissan LEAF Plus Outruns Tesla Model S In 14-Lap Race: Video

Tesla’s Australian PowerPack Is “Waste Of Resources,” Says Nissan Exec

Pininfarina Battista To Be Shown At Monterey Car Week

InsideEVs Goes Behind the Scenes With Venturi Formula E Racing Team

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress Mid-July, 2019: Video

Tesla Sentry Mode Records Hit And Run In Milwaukee

The "Tesla Direct" Program Is Helping Tesla Achieve Record Deliveries

Best/Worst TeslaCam Captures This Week: Crazy Crashes, A Busted Thief

Dirty Tesla? Owner Finds 15 Pounds Of Dirt In His Model 3: Video

Electric Pickup Trucks: Tesla And Rivian Top This Week's Trucking News

Sentry Mode Captures Jaguar Salesmen Checking Out Tesla Model 3

Spectacular Crash Caught By Tesla Model 3 Dashcam: Video

Watch Tesla Model 3 Set New 1/4-Mile World Record: Video

Not-A-Tesla Fire: TeslaCam Captures Jeep Renegade Ablaze

Amsterdam Will Ban All Gas-Powered Cars By 2030: Time To Buy An EV

Electrify America Sketchy On Chevy Bolt Trip: There's An App For That

This "Bagged" Tesla Model 3 Goes Viral In A Jiffy

Taxi Drivers In UK Take Advantage Of Electric Car Grants

Toyota Increased Hybrids Sales In Europe While PHEVs Remain 0.2%

Electric Car Ownership Is The Right Choice For 1.5 Million In UK

Take A Trip To Norway, It's The Global Leader In The EV Revolution

Inside Look At The Production Of The Volkswagen ID.3

France Sells 46 Percent More EVs In The First Half Of 2019

Production Of Pre-Series Parts For Volkswagen ID.3 Now Underway

Electric Cars Are Difficult To Live With According To Jaguar Boss

Stars Take To Red Carpet For Heroes Film Premiere

Next-Gen Fiat 500 Electric Car Rendered To Life

FCA To Invest $788 Million In Production Line For Fiat 500 Electric

Volkswagen ID.3 Is Photographed, Caught On Video Recharging

UK Government To Invest Heavily Into Charging Infrastructure

Quick Look At MINI Electric Production: Video

Motor Trend Chooses Tesla Model S As Ultimate Car of The Year

This DIY Trick Will Keep Your Tesla Rims In Tip-Top Shape

New MINI Electric Draws Over 40,000 Customers To Register Interest

BMW Donated 100 Charging Stations To America’s National Parks

Tesla's Elon Musk Is Now The Most Tenured CEO In The Auto Industry

Should The Boring Company Tunnels Be Five Feet Wider?

Solaris To Deliver Up To 250 Electric Buses For ATM Milano In Italy

Mini Rocketman Electric Will See Production In 2022, Says Autocar

New Kia Soul EV Costs Less Than £34,000 In The UK

EV Charging Industry Concerned New Regulations Will Slow Growth

Rural Canadians Laugh At The Idea Of An Electric Pickup Truck

Market Share Of NCM 811 Lithium-Ion Cells Increased To 2%

Hardcore Tesla Fan & Owner Admits Repair Process / Cost Is Crazy

Twitter User Suggests Tesla Roadster Is the Real-Life K.I.T.T.

Teslička Makes Tesla Cars Turn Profit Before Autonomous Tech

VW Says It Has To Convince Suppliers on EVs

Mini Reveals 168-Mile Electric Cooper SE With 32.6 kWh Battery

UK Government Cuts Tax On Electric Taxi To Increase Adoption

Elon Musk Says Some Of Tesla's Top Engineers Grew Up Gaming

Tesla Is The Automaker With Biggest Popularity Increase

Genesis Wants A FCEV, SUVs And BEVs To Chase Tesla

Dodge Believes Its Performance Cars Will Have An Electric Future

Tesla Pickup Truck Spotted In The Wild: Video

Autonomous Techonology Will Drive Tesla Prices Higher, Says Elon Musk

Tesla Club Quebec Assures 520 EVs Are 1st To Cross New Montreal Bridge

What A Surprise! Ford And VW Will Share EV Platforms

Tesla Model 3 Breaks EV Distance Record In 24-Hour Run: Video

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat vs Tesla Model 3 Performance: Video Drag Race

64 kWh Kia e-Soul First Edition In UK Starts From £33,795

BMW Senior Mgmt Still Feels There's No Market For All-Electric Cars

BYD ADL Enviro400EV Double Deckers Entered Service In London

ABB To Switch To All-Electric Truck Fleet In Switzerland

Has Borgward Abandoned EV Production Plan in Bremen, Germany?

Toyota Tests Prius PHV With 860 W Solar Charging System

MG Joins Forces With Fortum In India To Build Charging Stations

Tesla Pulls Off Record Deliveries, But Can It Keep Pace?

Jaguar Plans In-House Battery Pack Production Capacity Of 150K / Year

What Can A Model 3 Road Trip Teach About EVs?

Will Rivian Beat Tesla With The World's First Electric Pickup Truck?

China Claims To Have Slashed Lithium Production Costs

Analysts Were Way Off About Tesla's Q2: Let's Take A Realistic Look

Ferrari Shows The SF90 Stradale EV Driving Modes: Video

U.S. Battery-Electric / PHEV Sales Comparison For H1 2019

Faraday Future Fires Employees That Were On Unpaid Leave

Did A Tesla Model 3 Really Break Laguna Seca’s EV Lap Record?

Plastic Electric Motor May Help EVs Reduce Weight

Tesla's Vice President Of Production Joins Lucid Motors

4th Of July Query: Can Buying An EV Help Defund Terrorism?

Electric Vehicles Being Tested In UK For Road Repairs

VW ID.3 Exec: “Tesla Appeals To Innovators. We Want Early Adopters”

Renault Introduces All-New Captur. PHEV Version Coming In 2020

June 2019 U.S. EV Sales Make All-Time Top Five List

Monthly Plug-In EV Sales Scorecard: June 2019

Drivemode Believes All EVs Can Rely On The Same Components

Tesla Lathrop "Distribution Center" Seems Complete: Video

UPDATE: Tesla Model 3, S & X Sales In U.S. In June 2019

VW Turns Type 2 Bus Into Type 20 With An EV Powertrain

Fiat Unveils 2020 Ducato Electric Van (w/Videos)

Bollinger B1, B2 Trucks Get Impressive Outfits In Factory Renderings

Aston Martin Gives A Glimpse Into Its Electric Future In London

Tesla Model 3 Equals Best In Class in Euro NCAP Tests

Demand Secured: Auto Industry Analysts & Vets Praise Tesla's Success

Tesla Delivers Record-Smashing 95,200 Model 3, S & X Globally In Q2

UPDATE: Real World Range Test Ranks 10 Popular Electric Cars

Renault Announces Pricing For ZOE Z.E. 50 In Germany

Chevy Volt and Bolt EV Quarterly Sales And June Breakouts

Tesla Pickup Truck Generates More Buzz Than Ford F-150

Another EV, Now A BMW i3, Is Involved In A Fire: Video

New Audi Q7 To Get Plug-In Hybrid Option Soon

Porsche Drives A 2020 Taycan Prototype On Shanghai Streets

British And Chinese Car Industries Announce New EV Related Agreement

Hyundai Signs Deal To Develop Hydrogen: With An Oil Company

Rivian "Animals" Ad: Electric Adventure Vehicles Are A Work Of Art

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress June 28, 2019: Video

Tesla Model 3 Can Replenish 15 Miles (24 km) Of Range Per Minute

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Invests In The Mobility House

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