If you were a kid in the 1990s, or were close to some of them at the time, you will agree that Bollinger has chosen funny names for its impressive off-road vehicles. It is impossible to look at the B1, an SUV, and the B2, a pickup truck, and not remember their namesakes on TV. They were known as “Bananas in Pajamas”. And it may well be on purpose, considering their solutions made many off-roaders go bananas for the B1 and B2. The recent renderings released by Bollinger on Twitter are a loud statement of that: they are rad.


Based on “requests, comments, and conversations” with Bollinger’s social media communities, both cars present tubular doors, roof racks with off-road lighting mounts, dark wheels, rugged headlight grilles, truck winch, fender flares, and a spare wheel at the bonnet. The B1 adds a spare wheel at the back, a ladder to get to the roof rack and two cans. Of water, obviously!

Even if they look great and in harmony with the goal of these EVs, these changes would be merely cosmetic if it was not for the technical specifications of both vehicles. Their similarities with the old-school Defender have a purpose, ironically in a moment when the second generation of the Land Rover will very likely go softer, with a new unibody structure in place of the body-on-frame.

As sales kick off, the B1 will be 171.5 inches long, 77.2 in wide, 72.7 in high and have a 118.8 in wheelbase. All that with a 4,800 lbs curb weight, even with an all-aluminum body, and a 45/55 weight balance. The SUV will be powered by two electric motors, one in each axle, for a total of 614 hp and 668 ft-lb. Top speed will be 100 mph, 0 to 60 mph will take 4.5 seconds and it will have a 120 kWh battery pack, for a total range of 200 miles. Its most interesting feature is the hollow middle that allows 16’4” long objects to be carried with its liftgates open. The B1 promises to be capable and versatile.

The B2 has similar numbers regarding the powertrain, battery pack and range, but it will be 207.5 in long, 77.2 in wide, 72.7 in high and have a 139 in wheelbase. With its liftgates open, it will cope with 19’4” long objects.

Deliveries were expected to begin last February, but now the company says it will only start to produce the pair in 2020. The first model to be presented was a 3-door version of the B1. Another change, since Bollinger has decided to offer only the 5-door version at first.

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