Electric trucks are the wave of the future and fortunately, there seems to be a flurry of automakers who want in on riding this wave.

The headline-maker these days is no doubt Rivian. The automaker's R1T electric pickup truck is a real head-turner and the truck's debut at Overland Expo with its own battery-powered pull-out kitchen was rather stunning too.

Aside from Rivian, there's the Tesla truck, which we've yet to lay eyes on. However, as with all other Tesla products, it's sure to be tops in categories like performance and range.

Then there are some outliers like Bollinger with its B1 and B2 off-road trucks and Atlis with its dreamy XT pickup.

Moving back to the mainstream, both General Motors and Ford have committed to offering electric trucks in the near future, so it's really a case of everyone is on board.

Check out this video comparing some of the upcoming electric trucks for more on what the trucking future holds.

Video description via Tinkering Thomas on YouTube:

Tesla, Rivian, Atlis, Bollinger, and Workhorse are a few companies trying to change the game...

Here's how

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