Elon Musk claims the pickup truck is his favorite product to date. Will it beat the record-breaking reservations for the Model 3? Will it really be better than the Ford F-150 in many ways, as the Tesla CEO claims? The fact that GM and Ford are already developing their own EV pickups, and that Rivian is also making big waves, should be enough to give us a fairly good idea of what’s next.

If anyone could write a book on the Tesla truck right now, the author would have to ask Charles Dickens for forgiveness. The title would surely be “Great Expectations”, or something close to that.

A clear indication of that comes from social media, as the guys from AutoWise had the patience to check. They have used Geotagged Twitter data of over 100,000 tweets and found out which pickup was generating more buzz these days. The image below shows the Tesla pickup truck is being talked about in more states than the almighty Ford F-150.

People Would Be Talking More About The Tesla Truck Than About The F-150

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When you know that there are more than 500 million tweets every single day all over the world, 100,000 of them do not seem like much. Anyway, AutoWise claims 26 states present more talks about the Tesla truck than about the Ford F-150. But that was close since the best-selling vehicle in the world is the center of attention in tweets in 24 other states.

The West Coast and Upper East Coast states seem to be the most interested in the new vehicle, while the South remains faithful to Ford’s champion and its internal combustion engine.

A more extensive study on the buzz these pickups generate will probably not take long to emerge. In the meantime, the context is more than enough to preview another blasting presentation from Tesla. Bear in mind that we are talking about one of the most successful vehicles ever created and one that has not even been officially presented so far. 

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Source: AutoWise 

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