The Rivian R1T electric pickup truck is all the rage these days, but did you know it can go from 0 to 60 MPH in under 3 seconds? 

The specs for the R1T are beyond impressive. Even the "tank turn" video of the R1T pickup truck shocked us, but it seems Rivian is the real deal and we don't doubt it'll be able to outperform almost any truck currently on the market today. However, the upcoming electric Ford F-150 has already shown its ability to tow 1 million pounds.

It's been a while since the R1T made its world debut at the LA Auto Show back in late 2018. That's when the automaker first revealed specs for this electric heavy-hitter. Luckily, this video, along with its extensive description, highlights all of those impressive specs once again.

Watch this video to find out more on the Rivian R1T.

Video description via USA Technology HD on YouTube:

The futuristic Rivian R1T is an all-electric pickup truck from new American startup brand Rivian, and it promises more than 400 miles of driving range and acceleration times comparable with those of a supercar. The company says that the revealed truck is no concept vehicle—what you see here is what will enter production in roughly two years as the 2021 Rivian R1T. At 215.6 inches long, the crew-cab-only R1T splits the difference in size between mid-size pickups such as the new Ford Ranger and full-size trucks such as the Ram 1500.

All-wheel drive is standard on the 2021 R1T thanks to an arrangement similar to the Tesla Model X, where each axle is powered by its own electric motor. A range of 105-, 135-, and 180-kWh battery packs will be available, with ranges of more than 230, 300, and 400 miles, respectively. The 135-kWh model is the quickest of the three, with 754 horsepower and a claimed zero-to-60-mph time of 3.0 seconds. Every version of the R1T has all-wheel drive, with an electric motor at each wheel, and Rivian says that every R1T can tow more than 11,000 pounds. Level 3 autonomous tech will be standard on all versions, as will adjustable air suspension.

Inside, the R1T's cabin is decked out in leather, wood, and large displays for both the gauge cluster and the infotainment system. The R1T has a large trunk under the front hood, a big storage compartment behind the cab (but in front of the bed), and a lockable in-bed compartment. The Rivian R1T will go on sale in late 2020, with a starting price of $69,000 for the 105-kWh version. Fully loaded 180-kWh R1Ts will be the first models to enter production, with the 135-kWh R1T coming shortly after; the 105-kWh model will be available within 12 months after the start of production. The truck will be sold directly to consumers, although Rivian says that it also will set up a network of service centers and Tesla-like stores. Going on sale soon after the R1T truck will be the Rivian R1S, a seven-passenger SUV with similar specs.

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