One of the hottest conversation topics regarding EVs these days has to do with pickup trucks. Who will be the first one people will be able to buy? The anticipated – and Elon’s favorite – model from Tesla? The electrified F-150? A pickup truck from LG disguised as a GM? Lots of people bet on Rivian. We have already mentioned that in the article about the company hiring talented people from the competition. But what are odds? This video may help us to understand them.

The Two Bit da Vinci YouTube channel has created this video to tell not only the perspectives of the EV startup, but also some of its history, as well as the current state of affairs. 

It points to the hurdles the company may face. And what Rivian has possibly learned from its competitors’ experience. At any rate, it is worth noting Rivian believes competition is not on EV producers, but on companies that stick with combustion engines.

Check the video, the nice images of the R1T prototypes and clay models, and also the possible outcomes we can expect from this new car company.

Video description via Two Bit da Vinci on YouTube

The automotive industry is well known for being astonishingly competitive, with high capital investment costs, and slim margins. Trying to start a new company to compete with the big boys, is nothing short of a fool's errand. But in a world of proven electric motors and improving battery technology, the established giants in Detroit, Japan and Germany are quickly beginning to feel the pressure from a number of fascinating start-ups.

Many of these new companies have excellent ideas, but don’t have the means to make them a reality. Rivian is 2019’s perfect exception. Much like Tesla, Rivian has joined the electric vehicle market, which has not yet become fully competitive like traditional automobiles. Rivian’s vision is to move towards “ride-sharing and driverless cars”, in order to help the environment. But in this journey of a thousand miles, they’ve only just begun. So will they make it to production, or meet their demise like so many other fledgling companies?

So, Is Rivian poised to become the Pepsi to Tesla’s Coke? Especially now that Tesla has announced pickup truck of their own?

And can Rivian Beat Tesla to the World's First Ever Electric Pickup Truck?

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