Ever since it presented the R1T and the R1S, Rivian is under the limelight. Not only of the public, but also of people interested in working there. Most of them from the competition. The Verge has conducted research through hundreds of LinkedIn profiles and found out Rivian now employs people that once were at Ford, Tesla, Faraday Future, McLaren, and even Apple.

The most prominent executive from the computing company to lend his talents to Rivian is Mike Bell, who was a VP at Apple for many years and was involved with the project of the iPhone. Anyway, according to the article, most of the now 750 employees at Rivian come from Faraday Future.

The struggling car startup put dozens of workers on unpaid leave and has actually fired some of them recently, a strong sign that selling its headquarters in Los Angeles and getting new funding is still not enough to get it back on its feet. It is only natural their professionals look for ways to pay their bills elsewhere.

While it reinforces its team, Rivian works to get its new cars to the market as soon as possible. It had promised to do so by the end of 2020, with plans to have 6 products by 2025.

When you think it is a relatively new company, it's surprising to learn it was created in 2009. That makes it almost as old as Tesla, which celebrated 16 years recently. 

Are we going to see the R1T before the Tesla pickup truck? Although it is scheduled to be presented late this year, Tesla’s pickup will likely start its sales much later. Perhaps close to the R1T’s.

What about the all-electric F-150? A race to get electric pickup trucks to market is developing at high speeds behind the scenes. And, we've got privileged seats for you to watch it all unfold at our all-new RivianChat forum.

Source: The Verge

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