With its 2019.24.1 firmware update, the Tesla Model 3 is finally able to use CHAdeMO chargers. Not that the car owners really want to trade the Superchargers for any other electricity resource, but it may be useful not to count only on Superchargers, especially in places where they are not so frequent. It is a matter of convenience.

But do the CHAdeMO chargers already accept the Model 3? This is what Kyle, from the Out of Spec Motoring YouTube channel, tried to find out with this video.

Initially, he celebrates the fact that it is now possible to use CHAdeMO and says his test is the first he is aware of being done apart from the ones performed by Tesla employees. We have also not heard of any other so far.

Kyle managed to be with one of the first Model 3 cars to receive the firmware update. With a CHAdeMO adapter – which he also offers to sell at an affordable price – he goes to one from Electrify America. And it does not work.

He does not give up and heads to an EVgo CHAdeMO charger. This time, almost all goes well. Although his Model 3 seems to be getting 26 kW, Kyle calculates it should be receiving 36 kW.

This is the reason why Tesla updates are not available to everyone at the same time. The company makes them available for a small group of people, tests how things go and – when everything is settled – the rest of the crowd also gets it.

Watch the video, make your comments below and wait for the firmware update.

Video Description via Out of Spec Motoring on YouTube:

Kyle takes a Model 3 on super secretive testing software to see if CHAdeMO truly works on Model 3.  We know internally Tesla has been testing CHAdeMO functionality for awhile on Model 3, but it’s now making its way to the public.  This is an early test to show that it actually works! As the software rolls out, we expect more charging stations to validate the Model 3 charging and allow for the car to seamlessly integrate with their networks.  Although the Model 3 did not work with Electrify America today, it doesn’t mean it won’t when the software is released to the public… Don’t draw any conclusions on that, we will test it then!

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