Greg Kable is one of the biggest names in the automotive writing industry, but we could not help to think how lucky he was to see an almost undisguised Volkswagen ID.3 practically at his doorstep. VW had to have done that on purpose. Now, with new images of the lightly disguised EV, we are even more certain of that.

The pictures come courtesy of one of our readers, Alexander Alvestad, from Norway, one of the countries in which EVs are most successful. He and his family were in Nossen, Germany, heading back home after visiting Croatia in their Tesla Model X.

Kable’s pictures were also made in Germany. "I had to make a hidden movie and take screenshots from it to get the pictures. Once I displayed my camera, they came out of the car and stood in front of the car to prevent me from taking pictures," Alvestad told InsideEVs.

He also sent us the video, in which he discreetly gets close to the ID.3. When the driver gets out, he tells him he has ordered one. The guys asks: "Ordered what?." Alvestad says the ID.3 and the driver says he has no idea what our reader was talking about. The driver even jokes: "This is a Tesla." You wish, Volkswagen!

"The ID.3 was followed by an Audi and black trailer. Its tires were half worn and it looked like some reliability testing. The car had many miles on it: the front brakes showed wear marks on the brake disks," Alvestad told us.


"I was also a Tesla employee, so we chatted about charge times on the Supercharger and the Supercharger 3. They could not reveal anything. But seemed impressed by the 250 kW SuCV3," our reader said. And he went on describing the new EV. 

"The ID.3 has the right aero. Large cabin, small frontal area. It looked cooler then the e-Golf we got in Norway. It presents drum brakes at the rear, so I guess it will have a good price and they will try to make a profit on the car. Not a compliance car, for sure." Tell us about them, Mini.

Alvestad has more pictures on his Instagram. Check them out there and talk to him for more details.

Apart from these pictures, Volkswagen has allowed journalists to drive the ID.3 and to film its interior. In a matter of hours, it teased the exact dashboard it demanded journalists not to show when testing the car.

Volkswagen ID.3 dashboard teaser

When development is finished, it is very common to see prototypes of future cars running around just to generate buzz. This is clearly the case with the ID.3, a car that Volkswagen desperately needs to make right from the very beginning.

Jochen Sengpiehl, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Volkswagen AG, already said it would need to appeal to early adopters. “If you catch early adopters, the others will follow,” said the CMO in an interview with Automotive News Europe.

Volkswagen ID.3 Charging

The ID.3 1ST – a première limited series – was available for reservations in all European VW websites. Now, these sites inform all units have already been reserved and ask you to subscribe to a newsletter to know when new reservations will be offered. 

What better way to get people talking more about the “electric people’s car” than having some of them standing in broad daylight at public rechargers? Or at the doorstep of renowned automotive journalists? You are doing it right, Volkswagen...

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