About ten years ago, Tesla was in its infancy and had just released the first Roadster in 2008. In 2019, it is the automaker that had the biggest increase in its popularity, according to a study made by Compare the Market, a website that allows people to compare different services and products.

The website has conducted an analysis of Google search data from the past 10 years. The study is very transparent and Compare the Market provides all the data that has been analyzed

The study concluded that searches for Tesla have increased 384.97 percent in this period. The company that follows the EV carmaker more closely is Jeep, with an increase of 74.06 percent. On the other hand, Aston Martin had a 39.2 percent decrease.

When Compare the Market checked searches on car models, Tesla did well once again. But curiously not with the Model 3.

Tesla Annual Shareholders Meeting - Tesla Roadster 2 and Tesla Model Y (Source: Sofiaan Fraval)

The vehicle with the biggest increase in popularity on Google was the Roadster, possibly due to the new model and the Roadster Elon Musk rocketed to the infinity and beyond. Searches for it increased by 878.18 percent. 

The second spot was with the Jeep Compass, with a 780 percent increase. And the third place is again with Tesla, with a 723.81 percent improvement.

Car types

Compare the Market has also dwelled on car types to find which had the biggest gains in popularity. It is no surprise to see SUVs have had an increase of 168.99 percent over these last ten years. But that growth in searches puts them only in third place.

What people are really looking for are “driverless cars”. Something that, a decade ago, people still considered as science fiction or something DARPA would seek. Now, they have the impression autonomous vehicles are just around the corner. Hence the 2,636 percent increase in searches.

Autonomous self driving electric car changing lane and overtaking illustration

The second place in popularity improvement was with “7-seater cars”, which have seen searches rise 189.01 percent in the last ten years. 

Ironically, “MPVs” and “people carriers” are among the car types that lost more of its popularity, with a decrease respectively of 29.64 percent and 60.13 percent. Seven-seaters? Yes, but only if the are SUVs. Or sedans, such as the Model S.

Source: Compare the Market

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