Twitter may have brought Elon Musk some problems with SEC, but it is also a sure source of amusement for Tesla’s CEO. Apart from interacting with clients and fans of the brand, there are very fun ideas that eventually emerge. Such as this one.


Ryan McCaffrey suggests similarities between the 2020 Roadster and K.I.T.T., or Knight Industries Two Thousand, if you prefer. He also asks Elon Musk for one of the TV series car’s features on the upcoming second generation of Tesla's very first model – when they weren't even officially called models at all. 

The new M.I.T.T. (or Musk Industries Three Thousand) would be able to drive itself – something FSD would provide. It would also find you when you summon it. It has a turbo boost, with the SpaceX package. It can travel at speeds above 250 mph. It drives out of the back of semi-trucks. It cuts the onions and prepares dinner. No, that one is on us...

The feature McCaffrey asks Elon Musk is for the car to respond to voice commands. This is a little more tricky, since it would involve the artificial intelligence K.I.T.T. presented. But Tesla’s CEO is apparently more comfortable with AI or has secretly tamed the beast. His answer is loud and clear.


We can hear him laughing on the joke, as well as the other Twitter users that joined the conversation. Such as Michel LeAnn:


The M.I.T.T. would have to have Alan Rickman's voice, definitely. Or would it make it be confused with Marvin, The Paranoid Android?


Twitter user Elon’s Brain made another request, more than fair:


The lights really are a must-have.

While Tesla decides on which voice to give M.I.T.T., people are having lots of fun with the discussion. You can join it at Twitter or start another one here in the comments box. What other features should the new Roaster have? Flying capabilities? An impossibly affordable price tag? You choose!

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