It's pretty sweet to see this baby on the road.

We've already seen a few Tesla pickup truck conversions. The two popular projects that immediately come to mind are affectionately coined Truckla and Teslamino. We can only assume there will be more to come in the near future. This is because the upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck is hugely popular these days and people are impatient. Plus, it's just fun to tinker if you have the know-how and resources.

It will be years before you can get an all-electric pickup truck. Tesla has vowed to build one and hopes to officially reveal it this summer. Rivian Automotive has already revealed its R1T electric truck and has working prototypes out on public roads.

Several other startups have been sharing information about their upcoming electric pickup trucks, including Bollinger, Workhorse, and Atlis. Not to mention OEMs like Ford and General Motors are making plans.

In the meantime, just to tease us all a bit more, we get to see Truckla out of the road. It's looking pretty good in the real world and it's clearly roadworthy, as expected.

Are you in the market for an electric pickup truck? What company will make it to market first? If you had a choice, which electric truck would you choose?

Video Description via Torque News on YouTube:

First Tesla Pickup Truck Rare Sighting

A few weeks ago Truckla's Tesla Pickup truck made waves in the media. Today we have a rare sighting of what we believe is Truckla's Tesla Pickup truck.

Twitter user @letmegetadolla7 shared it with Torque News readers. He said he took the video of the world's first Tesla pickup truck on Tuesday on July 2, 2019.

Do you think Tesla should come up with a pickup truck?

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