What's Truckla? It's the name of this nifty Tesla Model 3 to electric pickup truck conversion.

This one isn't a render, like that Tesla/Ram truck. Rather, this here is the real deal, though we don't think it'll be up to the task of a typical pickup truck since it is indeed based on the Model 3.

The video above features the completed truck in a commercial-type of format, but there's a whole lengthy build video featured down below too that we find very interesting.

Obviously, a ton of effort went into this somewhat odd conversion. And yes, that's Rich Rebuilds you see. He's the famed Tesla rebuilder we've covered quite often here on InsideEVs.

Watch as the Model 3 gets ripped apart (not for the faint of heart) to become a Tesla truck instead of a car in this video right here:


Others who contributed to the project can be found in this detailed video description via Simone Giertz on YouTube:


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I really want to thank the incredible team who worked day and night to make Truckla happen. You should hire/follow all of them because they’re very smart and skilled and funny too:

Marcos Ramirez:  https://bridgeservicemotors.com/

Laura Kampf:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRix...

Rich Rebuilds:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfV0...

Ryan Kalb, build team:  https://www.instagram.com/ryanmaxkalb/

Jacquelyn Marker, director:  http://www.jacquelynmarker.com/

Rose Kang, editor for the Truckla commercial:  https://www.rosekang.com/

Jackie Grieff, editor for the Truckla build video: https://twitter.com/jackiegeditor

Scott Sorensen, camera operator:  http://www.scott-sorensen.com/

Will Nail, camera operator: http://www.willnail.com

Yvette Solis, preproduction, director: http://www.yvettesolis.com/

Ross Huber, mechanical engineer:  https://www.hubercad.com/

Nathan Azhderian, build team: https://www.instagram.com/second_nathan/

P.S. Want to help finish Truckla? We would love to get more collaborators on board! Our current to-do list: waterproofing, putting in bedliner, doing body work, paint etc etc. Send us an email at apply@thebrag.com. P.P.S. This video is not sponsored by Tesla. But, if anyone knows Elon, tell him I say hi.


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