It's a sinking feeling most Tesla owners are familiar with — you rush to get that last spot in a parking lot. Suddenly, you hear a scraping sound from brushing up on a curb. You know there's trouble, open the door, look down, and there it is... a case of ugly scratched-up "curb rash" on your otherwise pristine Tesla wheels.

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Above: Kim for 'Like Tesla' admits she's got a bad habit of scuffing her Model X wheels (Instagram: liketeslakim)

Scuffing or scraping your rims may lower your Tesla's resale value, look unsightly, or worse — cost you unnecessary time and money (sometimes hundreds of dollars) in order to get the wheels fixed by a professional. This happens to be a common issue for Tesla owners. 

Why? It turns out that Tesla's all-electric vehicles, due to such a large battery pack in the floorpan, tend to be relatively wide which makes maneuvering, in tight spaces, especially difficult. To make matters worse, Tesla's factory rims are almost flush with the tire which exposes its wheels to the many dangers lurking below when parking.


Above: Kim explains her experience with "curb rash" (Youtube: Like Tesla)

Kim, from the popular 'Like Tesla' youtube channel, recently demonstrated her preferred DIY solution for dealing with "curb rash" by affixing a set of Wheel Bands to her Model X rims as a pre-emptive, protective measure. She says it's sort of like a 5-mph bumper for her Tesla wheels. 

Wheel Bands include a track and insert which offer multiple color options in order to custom design a pinstripe-red performance look or, alternatively, a more inconspicuous aesthetic — in her case, she goes with a black track and black insert in order to have it blend, visually, towards the tire.

Above: Damage to a Tesla wheel after brushing up against a curb (Image: EVANNEX)

Obviously, the best trick for protecting Tesla wheels is to be vigilant when parkingTake your time. Pay attention. But in today's fast-paced world — that's not always easy. Sometimes, you might rush when you parallel park or pull around too quickly at the restaurant drive-through. So don't point your finger at Kim, a bad case of "curb rash" can happen to anyone. 


Source: Like Tesla

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