A Tesla driver unplugging another Tesla? The nerve...

Generally, it's not advised to unplug another pure electric car unless you're certain it's fully charged. Even then, some EV owners will get upset if other unplug them.

By the clip seen here, it appears as though the unplugger is either uncertain if the other Tesla is fully charged or he's trying to make sure he's not caught in the act of unplugging. You can see his hesitation and glancing around to see if he's been spotted.

Perhaps upon entering his Tesla he realizes he's short on range for his next trip? Regardless, don't just unplug another EV without assuring it's fully charged and/or asking the owner. Now, the owner of the unplugged Tesla may be in a bind when it's time to drive off.

Video description via Eric Cunningham on YouTube:

Dude unplugged my car without asking

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