There's no denying the fact that Teslas rule at the drag strip. Typically, it's the Model S delivering most of the takedowns. However, the Model 3, in Performance guise, is nearly as capable.

Here's a fresh video of a Tesla Model 3 Performance at the Bandimere Speedway. The Model 3 conducts several runs, but one, in particular, is special in that a new world record for the Model 3 is set.

It happens in the second race against a motorcycle. Though not yet official, the timeslip shows that the Model 3 Performance does indeed beat the previous record for the 1/4-mile. A while back, DragTimes recorded an 11.782 second run in a Model 3 Performance. That was later followed by an 11.722 run. And then an 11.587 run.

The new record time now stands at 11.560, which is an improvement over the previous record. YouTuber Tesla's Wild says that the next step is some weight reduction to see if that can improve the quarter-mile time even more.

Watch the clip above to see the record-smashing run, which starts at around the 2-minute mark.

Video description via Tesla's Wild on YouTube:

Note: The weight at 3:25 should definitely say 4065, not 2065. Whoops.

Note: I am still waiting on them to update the standings but it has been submitted, they are probably waiting for this video to go live. 

Video Description: This is round 4 at the Bandimere Speedway quarter mile with the Tesla Model 3 Performance. We did it boys and girls, we finally broke the world record for a Tesla Model 3 on the drag strip! This has been my goal all along and we finally made it happen! I am so stoked.

I hope you all enjoy the video. I think we finally have everything all dialed in. Now we get to go through as much weight reduction as possible and see how low we can actually get the time!

Cameras: As always, this was shot in 4K with one or multiple GoPro Hero 7 Black cameras. Music:

Any music featured in these videos are original songs by yours truly.


0:00 - Tesla's Wild Intro

0:16 - Teaser

0:20 - Opening Remarks

1:38 - Race 1 vs Infiniti G37

2:02 - Race 2 vs Motorcycle (NEW RECORD!!!)

2:26 - Excessive Celebration (Excuse the Language)

2:33 - Race 3 vs Honda Civic Hatchback

2:59 - Race 4 vs Buick Skylark

3:25 - Weighing the Vehicle

3:55 - Energy Consumption

4:16 - Summary

5:05 - Race 1 Time Slip

6:00 - Race 2 Time Slip (Record)

6:39 - Race 3 Time Slip

7:11 - Race 4 Time Slip

7:42 - Closing Remarks

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