Let's not forget when Audi first started advertising for Tesla. Do you remember the "Musk-Have" billboards? Of course, it was a joke, but even though Tesla CEO Elon Musk is well-known around the world, there are still many people who don't know Tesla or Musk very well, if at all. So, put "Musk-Have" on a billboard and get people Googling, right? Hmm, it didn't seem like a very good idea to us.

Now, Audi has set up shop at Tesla Supercharger stations. As you can see from images below shared on Twitter, the German automaker has a whole promotional setup in place. It includes banners surrounding the Supercharger station, an Audi e-tron on display, and some test drive units.

In fact, in one video, an e-tron test drive car is shown parking in a Tesla charging spot. However, it's important to note that it's not "blocking" the spot as some people have shared. While it is parked where a Tesla would charge, there are many adjacent spots that are empty. Nonetheless, this whole campaign idea is a pretty brave and wild move from Audi. Moreover, it's inadvertently advertising for Tesla.

If the Audi e-tron offered more range, acceleration, and innovative tech features than Tesla's vehicles, it might be smart to attempt to show that off. Furthermore, if Audi had its own proprietary charging network, that would be one thing.

But instead, it's showing off an expensive EV with subpar range at a fast-charging station — that it can't actually use — that is a welcome host to Tesla vehicles that are more popular and arguably a much better value proposition (especially when considering the price of the Model 3). Not to mention that hardcore Tesla owners are going to show up in their sought-after electric cars and potentially show off, along with being irritated by the entire situation.

What in the heck is Audi thinking? Perhaps you can shed some light on this for us in the comment section below.


Video Description via KUGEL Multimedia on YouTube:

Audi e-tron face Tesla SuperCharger

On our first trip with the Model 3, we also spotted an Audi e-tron, which probably wanted to tap a few potential customers on the SuperCharger :-)


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