If you are into EVs and also into off-roading, you are probably very anxious to see the final B1 and B2. Not new episodes of “Bananas in Pajamas”, but the vehicles Bollinger plans to start delivering in 2021. In September we will see the first finished prototypes of the truck and the pickup truck in four-door guise, but The Fast Lane Truck YouTube channel managed to visit the factory and to show us nice details before the official review.

We have already presented you some customization options the vehicles will probably offer and also the pickup truck in the process of construction, but this video gives that first view a much longer exposition.

The B2 is well advanced in its manufacturing, but it still shows its naked body made totally with aluminum. This is another inspiration taken from the Land Rover Defender the design tries to pay a tribute to.

Robert Bollinger – founder and CEO – shows the prototypes in person and explains some of its details. The main one being the intention of having a “form follows function” design. The idea is to make an electric vehicle that will last forever.

Bollinger B2 Prototype Appears In Video – Part Of It, At Least

This is probably why the company has decided to have a vehicle that presents analog gauges instead of digital ones. And a steering column gear selector instead of buttons, for example. The cars will look pretty old school, which may be a problem regarding ergonomics.

Even though the 120 kWh battery pack is pretty decent, the Bollinger cars will not have a lot of range or of towing capacity. Probably due to its off-road calling and its disregard for aerodynamics. 

B2 Bollinger

The good news is that no other vehicle will have the possibility to adjust the ground clearance in 10 in. And that no other EV will probably be so capable in trails, with its locking differentials on the front and rear axle and the inboard brakes, for lower unsprung mass.

Bollinger says his vehicles will not be cheap, but that will only be a problem for the ones considering them instead of a Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator. The CEO believes his cars will be on a league of their own. And that is probably very right.

Watch the video, discover the nice details we have not talked about on purpose and tell us what you expect to see in September when the four-door B1 and B2 are finally revealed.

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