Solaris is doing great in Italy, winning order after order. The latest one is from the transport operator ACTV SPA Venezia in the famous city of Venice.

In total, 30 Solaris Urbino 12 Electric with fast charging infrastructure will be purchased for over €20 million ($22.4 million).

The most important part is that thanks to this order, two islands - Lido and Pellestrina, will go all-electric, replacing 100% of the diesel fleet.

"The supply of the Solaris company to the customer ACTV SPA Venezia includes the delivery of 30 Solaris Urbino 12 electric buses, which will be used on the Lido and Pellestrina islands and will replace 100% of the diesel vehicles currently operating on two islands."

Interestingly, there is no need for huge battery packs. Buses will be equipped with 116 kWh packs (usually good for no more than 100 km/62 miles of range), which will quick charge from:

  • nine fast pantograph battery chargers
  • six fixed plug-in battery chargers
  • a mobile plug-in charger

Deliveries are scheduled by the end of 2020. Here is more about the buses:

"Electric buses for Venice will be driven by a drive axle with integrated electric motors of 2 x 125 kW. The energy needed to drive them will be stored in Solaris High Power batteries with 116 kWh of total capacity. At the request of the customer, the manufacturer will adapt the vehicles for recharging using a plug-in battery charger and for a rapid supply of energy through a pantograph mounted on the roof."

"The emission-free Solaris Urbino 12 electric vehicles for the ACTV SPA operator will be equipped with a series of services in order to ensure an increase in the level of comfort and safety of those on board. These include efficient air conditioning, a ramp that allows wheelchair users or those traveling with prams or strollers to enter. There will also be an extensive passenger information and video monitoring system on board, including cockpit cameras, reversing cameras and a pantograph camera. The manufacturer will also equip its vehicles with a modern touch screen control panel. The passenger seats will be covered with an anti-graffiti coating that will protect them from vandalism. Another element that effectively increases the level of safety is the fire protection system which includes high voltage devices such as a traction box, an air compressor and an electric boiler.

All vehicles as well as the infrastructure will be delivered by the end of 2020 and they will be equipped with remote control systems to analyze and optimize the performance of the entire system. These will not, however, be the first vehicles from Bolechowo in Venice. Solaris has already supplied 18 buses to the capital of Veneto, of which 10 with ecological propulsion with compressed natural gas (CNG)."

Solaris Urbino 12 Electric
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