Lord Drayson is pleased to announce the formation of Drayson Wireless Limited, a groundbreaking new venture that will seek to commercialise wireless energy technology developed over a number of years at Imperial College London

Lord Drayson and the Imperial College London announced the formation of Drayson Wireless Limited, which is a venture company focused on commercialization of wireless power transfer in different applications and sectors.

"The business is based upon world-class research conducted over several years by scientists from the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Imperial College.  The Imperial team is led by Dr Paul  Mitcheson, Dr Stepan Lucyszyn and Dr David Yates, . In particular PhD research by Dr Manuel Pinuela is central to the venture and as such Dr Pinuela becomes Chief Technology Officer."

Scientists from Imperial College London already developed wireless systems, but it's hard to say how close they are to eventually preparing solutions for EVs with power levels required of EVs. Currently, we see a system with power of 1.5 kW:

"The Drayson Wireless near-field systems can transfer up to 1.5 kW over a distance of up to 0.5 m using a lightweight receiver weighing less than 0.3 g/W. In addition, Drayson Wireless long distance power transfer system can transfer up to 10 mW at distances up to 5 m. The systems operate at high efficiencies (over 80% end-to-end efficiency), while operating through variable vertical offsets, separation distances and angular misalignments."

Drayson Racing B12 winter tests continue at Silverstone

Drayson Wireless Limited, together with the well-known Drayson Racing Technologies LLP and its Formula E team (Drayson Racing), will be part of a new holding company Drayson Technologies Ltd.

Drayson Technologies has experience with wireless charging by using Qualcomm's system in the Drayson B12/69 race car.

Paul Drayson Chairman & CEO of Drayson Technologies stated:

“Over recent years we have seen a revolution in the way wireless technology has transformed communications, making smartphones and social media part of our everyday lives.  The same is about to happen to energy and Drayson Wireless aims to be at the centre of this next revolution.”

Tony Hickson, Managing Director of Technology Transfer at Imperial Innovations added:

“We are very excited about the potential of the strategic research agreement with Drayson Wireless.  “The powerful combination of the company’s commercial expertise and the strong IP portfolio developed at Imperial College, gives Drayson Wireless a solid foundation for success in the emerging wireless energy market.”

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