Mahindra Reva e2o

Mahindra Reva, the sole manufacturer of India's only mass-produced electric vehicle, is introducing a vast selection of "options," which the automaker says well make its e2o electric vehicle more appealing to the public.

These "options" include Quick2Charge, Sun2Car, Car2Home and Goodbye Fuel, Hello Electric.

Chetan Maini, chief executive officer of Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles stated:

"As a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in the country, Mahindra Reva is committed to develop not just electric vehicles, but also an entire ecosystem of sustainable mobility service that will benefit societies at large. We will keep our innovation quotient high to ensure that we not only better our product and service offerings but also create a sustainable Eco-system to make electric vehicles more accessible and easy to use for our customers across the globe."

A rundown of the various e2o options are as follows:


Complete charging of e2o under 60 minutes.


Solar charging equipment comes optionally with the car at an undisclosed cost


E2o can power your home if electricity goes out

Goodbye Fuel, Hello Electric

Electric vehicle is priced separate of the battery, which carries a monthly rental fee.

Lots of Options

Basically, Mahindra-Reva is throwing all the cards out there in hopes that something catches on, which says to us that Mahindra doesn't really have a clue what will work and what won't.  But still we applaud Mahindra-Reva for trying to do what nobody else is attempting in India: to sell electric vehicles to the masses.


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