Jaguar is going all-in on the electrification front. Later this year, the British automaker known for its sporty and luxurious combustion-powered sedans and sports cars will debut the first of its new breed of models, all of which will be electric.

But before that happens, the company that shares a spot with Land Rover in the official Jaguar Land Rover business name will retire all of its models–gasoline, diesel, and electric. A clean slate for what’s to come.

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Jaguar prepares for an all-electric future from 2025

Jaguar, the maker of the I-Pace electric crossover, will take its entire portfolio of road cars out of production this year. Then, next year, the British automaker will start selling the first of its new breed of EVs, a $100,000+ four-door GT.

Most of Jaguar’s current models will go out of production in June, but they will remain on sale until the new generation of vehicles comes to market next year, according to Road & Track, quoting Joe Eberhardt, JLR North America’s President and CEO.

“The majority of our products cease production in June, but they will be on sale for a much longer time,” Eberhardt said for R&T. “We will have a production schedule that enables us to have a continuous supply of vehicles until the new cars come … We’re trying to time it so we have enough volume to take us through to the launch of the new product and have a clean handover.” He added. “But the plan is to sunset the current product portfolio and then launch the new ones.”

Currently, Jaguar sells five models in the United States–the XF sedan, E-Pace crossover, F-Type two-door coupe and roadster, and the all-electric I-Pace. Despite having a pretty diverse portfolio, the company sold just under 43,000 cars globally in the year ending last March, while its sister company, Land Rover, sold almost 280,000 vehicles.

In the U.S., just 8,000 new Jaguars were sold in the same period, while Land Rover moved 66,000 vehicles. In other words, a change needed to be made.

Jaguar Electric GT Teaser

Jaguar Electric GT Teaser

Three all-new electric vehicles will spearhead Jaguar’s rebirth as an EV-only carmaker. The first, which will be presented toward the end of 2024 and will go on sale next year, will be a four-seat gran tourer similar to the Porsche Taycan that will have a WLTP-estimated range of up to 430 miles and a starting price of over $100,000. 

Road & Track writes that this new EV will also be Jaguar’s most powerful road car ever, so a total output of over 575 hp is expected on the top trim.

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The other two brand-new EVs will come in late 2025 and 2026. All three models will ride on the Jaguar Electric Architecture (JEA) that was purpose-built for these cars and has nothing in common with the I-Pace.

Rather confusingly (and very expensively), Jaguar had another go at creating a flagship EV from the ground up in the previous decade, but that project was canceled after most of the development work was done at a nine-figure cost. The decision to stop the development of what was to become an all-electric XJ was made by the previous CEO of JLR, Thierry Bollore, who said that the car “did not fit with our vision for the reimagined brand.”

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