The Tesla Cybertruck's rearview mirror is tiny and basically useless. The truck has a rearview camera. So, why not remove the rearview mirror? If interested, then here's how to do it.

First, we should explain the issue with the Cybertruck and its rearview mirror. If the truck's tonneau cover is closed, which it probably would be most of the time, then there's zero view out the back. However, the rearview camera turns on and then you can see out back again.

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Mirrors are required in the U.S. but that's not the case in some other countries.

Some countries allow cameras to replace mirrors. However, that's not true here in the U.S. So if you choose to remove your Cybertruck's rearview mirror, then do so at your own risk.

If the tonneau cover is open, the rearview mirror does provide some view out of the back, but the small rear window and tall tailgate make for a less-than-ideal view of what's behind the truck. Here's a look:

The Cybertruck owner and uploader of this video has this to say about the superiority of the cameras and why he's removing the rearview mirror:

I understand the idea around mirrors. But with live view from cameras being far superior, why even have mirrors? So let's start removing them all!

In our review of the Cybertruck we had this to say about the outward visibility:

Tesla-specific details include an excellent one-pedal driving mode and horrendous outward visibility, forcing you to rely on cameras—either side-view monitors or a rear-view one on the central screen, but never both at once—or Autopilot, which isn’t enabled yet.

The process for removing the mirror is very simple. Even the Cybertruck side mirrors are meant to be easily removable:


Let's get back to the rearview mirror. To remove it, you need a screwdriver and a Torx T20. Pop the cover, unscrew the T20 and pop a plastic panel back in place. It's as though Tesla almost expects you to remove it and included a cover for the small hole that you'll see when you first remove the rearview mirror.

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