Watch the Tesla Cybertruck with a SpaceX-themed exterior take on a Bombardier Bombi snow grooming machine in a tug-of-war battle on a surface with very limited grip.

Typically, tug-of-war battles are done on asphalt, where grip is decent but there's no asphalt to be found here. Instead, this matchup takes place on some very loose-packed dirt.

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Tesla Cybertruck against a snow-grooming machine in a tug-of-war battle.

Tug-of-war battles are mostly just for fun and this is an interesting one featuring a Tesla Cybertruck versus a dual-track Bombardier Bombi snow grooming machine. There's no clear winner but this video is very entertaining to watch.

Something else that's unusual about this matchup is that one vehicle has four tires and the other has two tracks. It certainly doesn't seem like a fair fight, but the results might surprise you.

The Vehicles

We are all familiar with the Cybertruck. It's an all-electric pickup truck with all-wheel-drive and a ton of horsepower.

But what about the vehicle with two tracks? Well, it's a Bombardier Bombi, which is a small dual-track vehicle that's typically used for grooming ski and snowmobile trails.

It weighs about 2,000 pounds, tops out at around 20 miles per hour and can operate on very extreme slopes.

The Cybertruck definitely has the weight and power advantage but are treads/tracks better than tires in tug-of-war? We should point out that the Cybertruck does have suitable rear tires for this loose dirt surface, so maybe it has a chance.

As the video uploader states:

I’m at the off-road games in my backyard at Sand Hollow State Park. This is Matt’s Bombi up against supercar Ron’s Cybertruck in tug of war. Watch these two titans battle it out!

What you will see in the video is a lot of dirt flying. What you won't see is either vehicle completely dominate. The traction is just not there for one to quickly tug the other. However, the results are basically this—the Bombardier's tracks dig holes into the ground, but the vehicle doesn't move much, whereas the Cybertruck remains mostly stationary and throws a lot of dirt into the air from its rear tires.

It's exciting to watch though as there is a lot of back-and-forth action. At some points, it seems like the Bombardier is going to win and others when the Cybertruck appears to have the upper hand. In the end, the dirt course is full of ruts and mounds and that's when the Cybertruck driver reverses the vehicle so that the Bombardier can show off a bit.

At the end of the event, the Cybertruck rips a lap around on the dirt and partially loses a front tire in the process.

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