The Tesla Cybertruck's stainless steel body is proving to be very difficult to clean, especially after long road trips where bugs, grime, salt and other stuff accumulate on the truck.

Just the other day we presented a ceramic coating option that makes water bead off the Cybertruck and should make it easier to clean. However, the truck seen in this video is without such a coating and it is the same exact truck that drove 4,500 miles in just a week.

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The Cybertruck seems to attract dirt and doesn't like to let it go.

There are several steps required to remove 4,500 miles worth of grime from the Tesla Cybertruck. This video shows the entire process.

To clean this Cybertruck, the process starts by blasting it down with high-pressure water. That's followed by a lot of scrubbing with a soapy rag. The process is repeated a few times until the Cybertuck begins to look clean. However, once dried, it's obvious that more work needs to be done.

Bugs are still embedded into the exterior of the truck and the stainless steel panels have an uneven appearance. To fix this and to remove the remaining bugs, Bar Keeper's Friend in liquid form is used over the entire truck. After the light polish with Bar Keeper's Friend, another wipe-down and rinse is required, followed by some sprays of glass cleaner and another wipe-down.

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It's a time-consuming process and, even though this truck had 4,500 miles put on it between cleanings, we've seen dirty Cybertrucks after just a single drive. So, if a perfectly clean Cybertruck is what you are after, then expect to extensively clean and polish it on a regular basis.

Video description:

Coleton shows Kyle the washing procedure for the stainless steel Tesla Cybertruck.

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