Some readers ask why we cover Teslacam videos that do not directly involve a Tesla. The EV is often a mere witness of something, like a street fight. Well, that proves the system is not useful solely to the car owner: it may help elucidate crimes or accidents. Imagine you are the owner of the Toyota Corolla in the video above. Wouldn’t you be grateful that someone filmed the crash? Isn’t it a relief to have proof that you did nothing wrong? There you have why we cover these videos: they may be useful for someone.

We hope the orange Corolla owner already got this sorted. If they have not, this accident happened in Chicago, more precisely at the I-90, on its way to the I-55. It was on April 17, at around 5 PM.

The black sedan, which apparently is a first-generation Chevrolet Cobalt, is zigzagging when it enters the I-55 onramp. The orange Corolla is there, on the right, minding its own business. That is when the Cobalt goes to the left shoulder, almost hitting the concrete barrier there. When its driver tries to correct, he exaggerates and hits the Corolla in the back, making the Toyota spin.

The Cobalt then almost hits the barrier on the right. The driver corrects the car again and ends up back on the left lane, where the front axle seems to collapse.

Gallery: What Caused This Stupid Accident In Chicago? Teslacam May Help The Corolla Driver

It is not hard to keep in the same lane. That leads us to only two possibilities for this accident: either the Cobalt driver was falling asleep or DUI. We cannot discard a health problem, but anyone with some sense would have stopped the car and asked for help instead of zigzagging.

What Caused This Stupid Accident In Chicago? Teslacam May Help The Corolla Driver

It was probably not hard for the Corolla owner to prove what happened. In case it was, and you happen to know who this person is, tell them everything is recorded. We hope this article can help get the repairs paid by the one that caused all this situation: the black sedan driver. 

Video Description Via Victor Yu On YouTube:

Chicago, IL, Unskilled idiot driver in a black sedan driving at high speed weaving in and out of traffic.  I move over to get out of the way.  The guy gets a little too close to the wall, over corrects and hits the orange corolla in the right lane.  Friday, 4/17/2020 approximately 5PM.  Video from the rear camera on a 2020 Tesla Model Y.  TeslaCam FTW!

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