Tesla Sentry Mode captures everything. This time around, the cameras caught a big street fight involving perhaps a dozen people. The fight goes on and on. It's hard to see the cause, but it's clear that several people in this video should be charged with assault and even one makes use of a street sign as a potentially harmful weapon.

We should point out that the fight apparently took place back on August 11, 2019. However, the video was just released last week. Another thing to note is that this isn't the first time Sentry Mode captured a fight. A past incident involving some employees engaged in a fistfight was caught by a Tesla back in September 2019.

Turning our attention back to this new video, you'll see several people exit a bar and then linger. There's some initial pushing and shoving and even some people trying to prevent the situation from escalating. It doesn't work though and more and more individuals get involved in the brawl. Soon thereafter, it appears as though more than a dozen people are in some way involved in the fight. At around 1:15 in, the big street sign becomes a weapon as it gets thrown into the crowd of people.

The skirmish seems to subside for a bit, but then it breaks out again, with one man getting knocked to the concrete. The fight then moves into the street and people come running from several directions. A lady later leans against the Tesla, thus triggering the alarm. It almost seems as though the car alarm actually brought the skirmish to an end, perhaps out of fear that the police would soon arrive on the scene.

To us, it's just ridiculous that people would act this way. Let's hope the camera footage can be used to charge some of the individuals involved.

Video description via Marc Merlin on YouTube:

Just another day in San Francisco when people are leaving clubs, drunk

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