Leave it to our good friend and colleague Kyle Conner to come up with some fun, informative, and original content during these troubled times. If you've watched Conner's recent videos on the Out of Spec Motoring or InsideEVs US YouTube channels, you may have noticed a Crown Victoria police car parked at our track. Maybe you asked yourself, what's that old gas guzzler doing at the track?

Well, it's no longer a surprise. The cat's out of the bag here. The police car was hanging out at the track while Conner was filming all those recent Tesla Model Y videos. This was because he was working on a video comparing the gas-powered Crown Vic to a Tesla Model 3 Performance. He clearly had way too much fun putting these cars through challenges and simulations to determine which is the better police vehicle.

So, does the Tesla Model 3 make a solid police car? What makes an electric car better than a gas car for police use? Are there any disadvantages?

Check out the highly entertaining video for the answers to these questions and many more. Also, be sure to subscribe to Out of Spec Motoring and our new InsideEVs YouTube channel. Conner will be adding more exciting content to both channels in the near future. More specifically, a followup to this video will become available on our channel soon.

Video Description via Out of Spec Motoring on YouTube:

Should Police use EVs? Tesla Model 3 vs Crown Vic Police Interceptor

Kyle takes his Model 3 Performance and ex legitimate cop car (yes Kyle did buy it for this test and some more to come) to the Out of Spec track for a series of challenges. We attempt to see if electric cars are better suited for police work than ICE vehicles.

Thanks to @TipsyMedia (Instagram) for the great drone work!
Special shoutout to jsp_auto (Instagram) for helping to film

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