This hugely impressive tank turn is accomplished by an electric car on ice in Sweden. The term 'turns on a dime' takes on a whole new meaning with tank turns.

The concept of tank-turning obviously dates way back, but the application in road-going cars is new. It's made possible by having four electric motors that can operate in forward or reverse at any given time. This allows for the unique spin-in-place maneuver seen in this video.

Elaphe, the company behind the in-wheel electric motors found in this very special BMW X6, calls the tank turn "steer on-a-spot" and says that the mindset here is "turning things around."

Tank turning isn't unique to this BMW though. In theory, any electric vehicle with 4 independent motor can pull it off and perhaps the most famous display of this to date is with the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck spinning in place on some dirt and gravel.

Though not absolutely required, a slick surface is definitely preferred for this maneuver. For one, the lower the traction, the quicker the spin. But more importantly, the tank turn can be verys stressful on the vehicle if traction and grip are high.

Back to the BMW X6 though, Elaphe says the modified BMW X6 uses 4 Elaphe L1500 gearless electric motors mounted in the wheels. It puts out over 440 kW (590 hp) of power and over 6,000 Nm (4,425 lb·ft) of direct-drive torque. The 5,300-pound vehicle can reach 62 mph in under 4.9 seconds. It's just a demonstrator though so you can't buy it. Still, it's a sweet electric SUV.

Video description via Elaphe Propulsion Technologies on YouTube:

By challenging conventions, we are bringing the future to the present. By moving the boundaries and developing technology others think is impossible, we are enabling those that aim to take part in shaping the future of mobility, in order to push the envelope of possible even further down the line.

By making our technology real, embedded in Elaphe products with automotive-level validation, we are bringing progress to the market in more ways than we ever imagined.

This massively powerful Tank Turn, performed for fun during winter testing in Sweden, is made possible by the in-wheel powertrain platform using 4 independent Elaphe L1500 hub motors. Steer on-a-spot!

Elaphe technology portfolio provides holistic in-wheel powertrain platform solutions, representing the enabling technology for the new era of innovation in the automotive industry. Elaphe team is constantly moving the boundaries and unleashing adventurous mind in every possible situation. Thinking out of the box means exploring solutions towards more fun, safety, and sustainability. The core of Elaphe approach is enabling the impossible. The mindset - “Turning things around”.

About Elaphe Propulsion Technologies

At the turn of the millennia, we designed the first high-torque motor that makes sense for direct-drive automotive applications. In 2006, Elaphe Propulsion Technologies was founded with a mission to bring in-wheel powertrain solutions to the automotive mass market. Today, Elaphe Propulsion Technologies is a leading developer and producer of high-tech propulsion technology based on the premise of multiple-motor propulsion and a holistic vantage point. A major cornerstone of Elaphe’s technology portfolio is our world-leading in-wheel propulsion technology, representing the enabling technology for the new era of innovation in the automotive industry.

Elaphe’s achievements include the world’s highest-performance in-wheel-powered applications to date, including pioneering in-wheel driven SUVs and supercars. Patented and innovative electromagnetic and mechanical designs for in-wheel propulsion enable Elaphe™ products to be tailored for specific ranges of torque and power to fit most vehicle configurations. Elaphe provides holistic in-wheel powertrain platform solutions that include motors, power electronics and intelligent multiple-motor propulsion control.

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