This video shows us that the EPA rating for the Porsche Taycan Turbo of just 201 miles might not be all that accurate. This test driver went 295 miles on a charge.

The driver of the Taycan Turbo featured here is Alex Roy. A name that most of us likely know by now. Roy is accustomed to electric cars and has lots of experience with long-distance driving in EVs. Alex is a Tesla owner too and he says:

"...there's no universe in which a Tesla can approach its EPA ratings in real-world driving. Every Tesla I've ever driven displayed wildly optimistic range projections."

This is why he also doubted the 201-mile range rating for the Taycan Turbo. However, his doubt here was that the EPA figures were way too low, so a test drive was lined up to find out if the Taycan could outdo that EPA number.

And before we dive into the results from this drive, let's remember that InsideEVs took a Taycan Turbo on a road trip too. Our results also show that the EPA figure of 201 miles for the electric Porsche seems very conservative.

As you'll see in the video, Roy drives the Taycan Turbo some 217 miles. The vehicle shows a remaining range of an estimated 80 miles. Roy guesses the Taycan turbo would've gone for 295 miles or more before becoming completed depleted.

Roy's target was 300 miles and some doubted this was possible. In the end though, it was and Roy states:

So the EPA is wrong, the Tesla fans are wrong, and I was right. Score one for the Germans and the Porsche software guys for their skill and honesty. Conservative? Porsche seems to have shot itself in the foot by lowballing the Taycan's range performance.

Video description via The Drive on YouTube:

According to the EPA, the Porsche Taycan Turbo EV can go just 201 miles on a full charge. This is the gauge view of the Taycan Turbo Alex Roy drove from an Electrify America charging station in Buckeye, Arizona to another in Indio, California. Check out the full story on his range test here.

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