Do you want a surefire way to make your Tesla Model 3 pop and look like a sporty special edition model? How about fitting it with the RevoZport R-Zentric 3R Evo body kit that gives it a completely different (and more aggressive look).

That’s what this Model 3 from the Netherlands has, among other mods. The car which belongs to the owner of JD Customs, also rides on air suspension and a set of Zito ZF05 lightweight 21-inch wheels. It’s all finished with a bold yellow and silver wrap and has plenty of naked carbon fiber parts - the front splitter, the hood, the trunk lid and side skirts.

It has to be said that looks remarkably good and if it didn’t have the wrap and visible carbon fiber, you could almost mistake it for some sort of factory performance model (even though Tesla doesn’t currently offer such a Model 3 variant).

The RevoZport R-Zentric 3R Evo, the star of the show, is actually new, revealed less than a month ago, and it has plenty of cool features. The main attraction, aside from the new wider stance that it gives the Model 3, has to be the active aero part of the deal.

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Just like the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, this kit has an active front splitter lip that can be lowered in order to improve downforce. The rear diffuser is also active, with flaps that lower to add downforce in the back.

You can already order the kit, but deliveries are pegged to start in October. The price is not yet final, but RevoZport estimates that it will start from $9,500. The company recommends you pair it to a set of 21-inch rims to really make everything look right.

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