Since we all now seem to be hoarders, it's critical to now which Tesla, the Model Y or Model 3, to take to Costco to hoard the most rolls of toilet paper. Lucky for us, this video loads both cars partially full of toilet paper (and uses a tape measure to see how much more would fit) to help us find out which is the better hoarding vehicle.

It's not unusual these days to see cars, SUVs and even trucks packed full of toilet paper after a run to the grocery or warehouse store. Well, it wasn't, but now maybe it is since the hoarders have created such a toilet paper shortage that most shelves are bare.

Regardless, if you're heading out to hoard, you need the right vehicle for the job and that's where this video comes in. As you'll see in the video (starting at around 3:25), both a Model Y and a Model 3 are partly filled up with goods, including toilet paper. Then, measurements are taken to see how much more toiler paper would fit before filling the vehicle up.

Which vehicle is more suited to hoarding? Watch the video to find out. We should point out though that no crazy amount of hoarding was done for this experiment. And no toilet paper was harmed, damaged or destroyed in the process either.

And, as you'll see in the video, the space difference between the 3 and the Y isn't nearly as big as you might think.

Video description via Jim Talks on YouTube:

Using the TP test, we measure the Model Y's true cargo space (plus or minus). I was hoping to get a whole pile of TP or something to compare, but had limited time and resources, so I used a tape measure to help augment the tried and true TP measurement system.

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