Tesla CEO Elon Musk indirectly hinted early on that the Cybertruck would make today's trucks like the Ram seem puny. However, initial glances during the electric truck's debut — especially for those watching online — didn't necessarily expose that the truck is actually quite huge (at least not nearly as titanic as our Mars Rover render). Conversely, those who attended the festivities were quick to share that the Cybertruck is surely massive.

Following initial coverage of the Tesla Cybertruck's reveal, people quickly learned that it's definitely a beast in more ways than one. We've seen multiple size comparisons featuring the Cybertruck next to Tesla's other models, as well as other current pickup trucks.

Now, there's a new VR app that allows you to "see" the Tesla Cybertruck in any space. Tesla owner, fan, and YouTube influencer Tesla Raj has already placed a reservation, but he admits that he's concerned about the Cybertruck's size and whether he'll be able to garage it. Raj uses the app to learn that it's simply too long to fit in his garage.

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Keep in mind, there's not any exact science when it comes to such VR apps, and this is surely true of the Cybertruck since it's still in concept form and we don't/won't have official specs for some time. However, Raj isn't the first person to assume the Silicon Valley electric behemoth may not fit in many people's garages.

Perhaps Tesla will offer multiple sizes of the truck over time? Maybe it will be adapted a bit so this is not an issue?

Only time will tell, of course. At any rate, check out the video and tell us what you think. Do you have any other reasonable concerns about the Cybertruck? If so, please share.

Video Description via Tesla Raj on YouTube:

Tesla Cybertruck doesn’t fit in the average garage!

After seeing the Tesla Cybertruck in person I was concerned by it's size. Today I learned just how big it was when I put an actual sized Cybertruck into my garage to see if it fits. Having a pre-order in I needed to know how and if this would fit into my life...well here is hoping the design changes just a bit to slightly shorter. :)

Download AR Cybertruck:
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/ar-cybe...
Android: Under Review (will update as soon as it's live)

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