One of the reasons for Tesla Service Centers have so much to do these days is the number of cars that Tesla is currently producing. In other words, the Model 3 has overloaded them. Thanksgiving produced images that make us suspect they are just the tip of the iceberg. Superchargers may soon get overloaded as well if Tesla does not increase their offer as fast as it is producing new Model 3 units.

Gallery: This Is What Thanksgiving Caused On Some Supercharger Stations: Lines

The video above was shot by the StevenMConroy YouTube channel, and it shows a long line of Teslas waiting to charge on Thanksgiving at the San Luis Obispo, CA Supercharger Station.

The explanation for that can be credited to two aspects. The first is that Teslas are among the few electric cars that can handle long trips due to Supercharger. The network was quite extensive, and the time spent in Supercharging was not so much that people could not wait to get going. 

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The second one is that holidays are perfect for long trips. If many Tesla owners have the same idea at the same time – and they will – you’ll end up with long lines for charging as the ones StevenMConroy registered. Not only on Thanksgiving but also two days later, when people needed to get back home.

Tesla is certainly aware of that. If it weren’t, it would probably not have come up with the idea of deploying these improvised Megapack Superchargers, able to charge up to 100 cars. This video below was shot by the Living Tesla YouTube channel one day before Thanksgiving.


The videos made by StevenMConroy show that the improvised Megapack Supercharger did not work. Or at least it was not enough to avoid the long lines. Was it there on Thanksgiving Day? Did it run out of juice before expected? Wasn’t Tesla able to bring another one quickly enough for the line of cars to be smaller?

This Is What Thanksgiving Caused On Some Supercharger Stations: Lines

As we said, this turns on the yellow light on Supercharger capacity and availability. Did you travel with your Tesla in the holidays? Did you get stuck in a line for too long waiting for supercharging? Tell us your stories in the comments below.

Source: MSPowerUser and YouTube

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