While Ford's upcoming all-electric Mustang Mach-E is slated to be the first true Tesla competitor in terms of range and performance, it seems the legacy OEM needs to do its homework and educate dealerships.

In an interesting share, EV Bite reached out to some 15 Ford dealerships within a 200-mile radius, only to get either no valuable information or details that were seemingly completely wrong. We can only hope that you'll find the video above, which is essentially a recording of such calls, extremely humorous. To say that we laughed very hard here is an understatement!

EV Bite: "I'm calling about the Ford Mach-E."

Ford Dealer: "Sir, the Ford MyKey."

EV Bite: "No the Mach-E."

Ummmm ... maybe we should call EV Bite the new Jerky Boys? Holy Cow!

Sure, the Mustang Mach-E is not yet available and we can only assume Ford will educate dealers on a hardcore level going forward. However, it would've been smart to at least apprise dealership managers and employees prior to, or at least at the time of the all-electric crossover's reveal. Otherwise, these folks are going to look stupid, as shown in the quoted conversations above, as well as throughout the funny video of the recorded phone calls. EV Bite explains:

Questions related to simply charging a Tesla shoot up to almost 100,000 monthly online searches across the board. For those in the know, the answers are simple but each of us began with similar inquiries. A large part of Tesla’s success comes down to having outlets for answering questions of those skeptical. Whether through their stores or online communities, concerns are rectified. The Tesla Reddit community alone has over half a million registered users ready to help. This is where Ford is drastically slacking. There has been exactly zero training done in relation to electric car ownership at Ford Dealerships and there’s no incentive to even begin.

To test my hypothesis we set out to call each and every Ford dealership within a 200-mile radius. With electric cars already a taboo subject and the Tesla Model Y electric crossover around the corner, these things won’t be selling themselves. Asking very straightforward questions regarding both the Mustang Mach E and general electric vehicle ownership, the results were baffling. My expectations were already low but some of the statements made were simply outrageous.

EV Bite waited until three weeks after the electric Mustang crossover's reveal to push forward with questions. Sadly, only one of 15 dealers had a clue and was able to provide some decent information about the upcoming EV.

Ford dealership reps go so far as to say Tesla may be better and Ford may or may not bring a gas-powered version of the Mach-E to market? One also says you can't charge the electric crossover at home.

To be clear about the situation here, and the title of this piece: Yes, yes, you can absolutely charge the Ford Mustang Mach-E at home. It's also important to note that the folks at EV Bite call a Tesla store at the end of the video.

The Tesla rep seems to have a decent idea of what he's talking about, though he has no clue about the Mustang Mach-E, which is fine. Still, he's a little unclear concerning details but does talk about the Model Y, Tesla's timeline, the Supercharging network, and the fact that Tesla only makes EVs and has years of experience doing so.

To read EV Bite's full article, follow the source link below.

Video Description via EV Bite on YouTube:

Calling Ford Dealerships and Asking About the Mustang Mach E

With the Ford Mustang Mach E around the corner and praise being sent towards Ford for their "commitment" to electric vehicles, we thought it would be best to get some first hand experience with their front line.

We called all 15 Ford dealerships within a 200 mile radius inquiring about Ford's new electric car and learned just about nothing.

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