If you could choose one person to talk to about the Tesla Cybertruck, who would you choose? While automotive industry teardown expert Sandy Munro may not have instantaneously popped into your mind, he's arguably a top candidate.

We recently shared his brief video interview with Alex Guberman (E for Electric), which is linked below. Now, our good friend Sean Mitchell (All Things EV) has had his opportunity to sit down in person with Munro for some interesting and lengthy conversation surrounding Tesla.

Yes, Mitchell headed all the way back to Detroit to meet with Munro again. Mitchell has actually been to the Detroit area three times in the recent past, all for EV-related pursuits. We ran into him at the Bollinger electric pickup truck reveal, and prior to that, he was in our neck of the woods to visit Rivian Automotive and attend Munro's EV conference with Gali Russell (linked above).

Either Mitchell really loves Detroit or he's serious enough about covering electric cars that he's willing to travel around the country to do so. We're pretty sure it's the latter. At any rate, check out the interview for some very interesting nuggets about the Tesla Cybertruck.

The interview is extensive since you don't fly across the country to talk for ten minutes. However, Mitchell is helpful to provide timestamps below in the video description. Once you've watched, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell (All Things EV) on YouTube:

Sandy Munro: Tesla Cybertruck SpaceX tech, bulletproof windows, crash safety, and battery magic

00:00:30 What do you think about the Cybertruck and did you order one?
00:03:01 Does the Cybertruck have stealth properties?
00:04:07 Is there a difference between a uni-body and exoskeleton?
00:06:56 Why is body-on-frame such a popular way to build trucks?
00:09:15 What type of chassis did the DeLorean have?
00:10:12 How can Tesla pull from SpaceX technology?
00:19:43 Will the Cybertruck be more cost-effective to produce than their other vehicles?
00:22:05 How will the Cybertuck do in a crash?
00:24:12 Does this new manufacturing approach address some of your Tesla build quality concerns?
00:27:26 Is there some magic behind a $40,000 Cybertruck?
00:34:21 What are some things that appeal to you about the off-road capabilities?
00:37:03 What are Ford, GM, and Chrysler saying about the Cybertruck in their boardrooms?

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